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Hi, my husband has vision problems, and has been prescribed prism lens. We now will visit the optometry shop to get the prescription filled, but we are very interested in finding out about others' experiences with prism lens. What can you tell us about this topic? Will there be a long adjustment period? Is it difficult to become accustomed to these lens? Will they affect his walking, going up and down steps, etc? Cost compared to bifocal lens? Any info would be very helpful!

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  • Made very little difference to my guy. His vision comes and goes with little relation to his prescription. He currently has prismatic lenses, but only because the non-prisms broke, and he then said the old prisms he didn't like before are working better now. Go figure.

  • Hi Babowen

    Here is our very limited experience.

    Liz's ophthalmologist put a prism into her close up glasses to enable her sight to be 'as if her eyes were converging'. It worked for a while but after a year it was no longer enough.

    It all depends on quite what he means by a prism.

    Not much of a reply, but the best I can do.

  • Hi Babowen898, My son was prescribed prescription prism glasses in late 2014 for DOUBLE VISION. There was no trouble adjusting. My son was VERY pleased when he got his first pair.

    Prism glasses are expensive. They take much longer to get back from the lab. Just like regular glasses the prescription changes... mostly an increase in the prisms rather than acuity. However, while the prescription is functional they are worth their weight in gold. My son has Kaiser insurance (Los Angeles) and their optometry Dept provided his glasses. Here, there is a person who specializes in prism glasses. My son's prescription has changed at least four times. With the PSP his vision has gotten progressively worst and his ability to sit through the exam procedure has made it difficult to go in for a new prescription.

  • Thank you so much for this information. We usually use a cheap glasses supplier such as Eye Mart Express, but I am guessing they don't do the prisms. I was pretty sure they would be expensive, so that was no surprise. I am wondering if they will work for driving. Others have stated that it is not possible to drive using prism lens. Guess we will check with his provider's optometry shop and see. Again, thanks, and good thoughts for your son. How old is he?

  • Babowen, you are welcome. My son is 55 years old. He no longer drives. He tried wearing a patch, but found it did not help like his prism glasses. He found the patch cumbersome. He had no trouble driving with his prism glasses. As I said, even with insurance they were VERY expensive. Costco does make prism glasses, but only up to a certain strength. My son quickly passed beyond where they could help.

  • My husband got prism glasses ( from Costco) when his eyes were't as bad as they are now with double vision.. He did not find them beneficial. He now tries to wear a patch over one eye for a bit of help. We see a neuro-opthalmalogist in a couple of months. I will see there is anything I can offer from her suggestions.

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