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My Beautiful Nan


Sadly my nan passed away on Sunday after 5 years of suffering with CBD, thankfully she went peacefully and not how she could have done. She was an amazing and inspirational woman and I will miss her so much. I am just pleased that she is no longer suffering with this terrible illness. My grandad was married to her for 48 years and looked after my nan by himself throughout the illness and he is devastated about losing his wife. This has made me more keen to raise money for psp association, I recently raised £200 for the psp association but its not enough, a cure needs to be found to prevent others suffering the way my nan did. My nan meant the world to me and it hurts so much that she's gone, at 66 years old she had so much to still see, I'm just glad she got to meet my son a few times. Rest in Peace Nan xxx

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hi rthorp

i am sorry that u have lost your nan to CBD- she si at peac enow.your grandad and she mus thave had a brilliant relagionship otg last for 48 years and you and your family must be proud of them!!

I have PSP and cna only hope for a peaceful end when the tiem comes

good fo ryou 4 raising ££ for the PSP assoc

have you been on hte site long?

please htink fo the good itmes you and u

r nan had together and it will not be in vain!

lol jill and hugs 2 you and your family

So sorry for your loss and hope your granddad will be able to recover his enjoyment of life with your love and support. If we all continue to raise money for PSP hopefully they will come up with something to help eventually.Your Nan would be proud of you, Hugs.

So sorry to hear of your loss. Much love to you and Grandad (and the rest of your family!) She was clearly a very special lady and would be very proud of your determination to raise funds to help others.

Take care of yourself and give yourself time to grieve

Love Kathy x

i am so sorry for your loss.your nan sounds like a lovely wife was diagnosed with cbd last year dont know how long she has it she is only 52.lately in the evening she is struggling to climb the stairs.i am her carer and its breaking my heart to see her go like this.we have three grown up children and we had so many plans but this terrible disease has stopped all this.this is my first time writing on this site.norrie ireland


YOu are in the early stage sof htis CBD /PSP

-iT csn eb difficult ot coemm to terms with - for me the diagnosis was nto a problem as i knew soemhtign was wrong and despit e never having heard of PSP /CBD /MSA am now much better informed

for wha that si worth

my dyslexic typging is not good but hoep you cna bear with it

lol JIll


norrie in reply to jillannf6

hi jill.i think you are so brave.i have not told my wife that she has had troubled me but myself and my children think there would be no benifit to tell her and i dont think she would understand.she was being treated for depression for a long time maybe about two years when things started to change.found it hard to dress her self couldnt use knife and fork .thats when they brought in the neuroligist.then all the tests started three mir,s two lumbar punctures cat scan pet scan and the rest.when the diagnosis came that was end of all much as to say thats it no more can be done.norrie

Hi Norrie

It cons b difficult once u hace the dxs bu r she is quite young and Mayes havece some years left in her ,.

My neuro got em to get all my affairs in orde r inc POA moving downstairs to a fe floors flat all,o whichi I have done

And I am still l here,,,!,,,



rthrorp I am sorry for your loss, take comfort in knowing there will be no more suffering. I will pray for you. I think it is a wonderful idea you raising money, I also (live in U.S.) would like to do some fundraising so othere will not go through what our loved ones are going through.

Oh, my heart goes out to you and yours so deeply and profoundly. You're right, your Nan was much to young and had much left to see, do, and give. You and your Nan, and friend and family, will be held close in my hear and my prayers. When things settle a bit, tho I know it takes a while, I hope you do re-engage in your fundraising efforts in her honor.

With empathy and my condolences,

Judy J

Thank you everyone for your kind words, it has been a very difficult time and we take comfort in the fact that she is no longer suffering. She was a truly amazing woman and heaven has gained a beautiful angel. I will be doing lots to try and raise as much money as possible for this excellent cause as I wouldn't want anyone to suffer like she did x

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