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Short video about radiation therapy and anal receptive sex

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4 Replies
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That video makes sense. Honestly all treatment options for cancer are basically horrific, that's why I haven't had any treatment and probably won't. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and my Dr. wanted me to have surgery earlier this year, and was actually scheduled, but I cancelled it. At age 57, I have lived 30 years longer than I thought I would. Why are people so freaked out? Cancer and death are no big deal...I just don't want any pain.

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Very brief and nothing new to me. Wish he had elaborated more (e.g., what to do to make anal sex easier/better/more "fulfilling," so to speak) and provided other sources of info. But, thanks for sharing.


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Here's the longer version, with lot's more information

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Darryl, thank you for this interview (and for posting the full interview). It was very informative and I think every gay man getting treatment and concerned about anal sex should watch it.

As I've written here before, I had LDR brachy in January of this year and I've been back to anal sex for months and it's as pleasurable as it's always been, no change at all.

But I think I did a lot of what Dr. Goldstein advises, and I found the video validating. My doctors are all gay. My oncologist, who performed the LDR brachy, encouraged me to get back in the swing of it soon, at least with toys, as long as it didn't hurt, so as to train things a bit. My urologist advised waiting a few months for anal sex and toys, probably a little more conservative than my oncologist. I did wait 3 months for sex but did experiment with small toys and silicone lube a little earlier, as well as later, taking it slow at first, as Goldstein described. I also went on a high fiber diet and took in fiber supplements.

All of this helped, I believe, in making sure the rectum was elastic enough, wasn't irritated, and any scarring didn't have a major impact. Now, almost 9 months, later, there is no discernible difference and I wouldn't know I had any treatment.

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