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How to survive SBRT - Preparation Missive #1

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Hi All,

Well, I did it! SBRT on a really nice 6 million $ machine named Shasta. Kaiser Northern California is where it all happened. Dr. Mohan was my RO...he's awesome.

Some takeaways:

Practice drinking/holding water before you start. Kaiser's info was very vague and disorganized about how to go about determining exactly how much water you need to have in your bladder....32oz. 28 oz 24 oz.??? You need to practice holding the fluids for 1.5 hours - not exactly sipping the water, but not gulping it either: 10 min. and then 35 min before your time with Shasta. If your bladder is too clench your pelvic muscles and your prostate moves around...drank too late? then, you have to wait for the water to trickle down into your bladder.

Best Practice: figure out your tolerances a week before you go for radiation. Practice makes it easier for you to tolerate the registration fuss, getting onto the machine and trying to relax while Shasta does her/his/their business with you.

Also, Kaiser was vague about how you should eat before your appts. Since you have to give yourself a fleet enema two hours might limit your nighttime dinner. On the other hand, you don't want to have gas buildup [which results in painless, but embarassing [for me] hose being stuck up your butt to allow the gas to escape. Shasta see's all.

The radiation itself is painless although I did feel some warmth [a common observation] below my belly button. For the first 4 treatments, I didn't have any adverse side effects, other than slight fatigue.

More later about post treatment.


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How did you hold that match water? I can't even make it thru a movie unless I don't drink anything all day.

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trregan in reply to JDP13

Practice! LOL....really, it was a bit of a head trip as much as it was an exercise.

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