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the " Magic " of Pheromones

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Hi men.

I have been thinking and wondering about this for awhile. I am a gay man and have been active since my mid-teen years ( 74 now). I know that the visual is usually important for attraction - but the continuum of what is attractive is constantly changing - though a constant is a pretty young man. The thing that I am interested in is, the pheromonal attraction of another man which at times supersedes physical criteria. The term " he's hot " best describes the experience regardless of looks or body type. I know I have had a lot of experience on either side throughout my life.

What I am wondering is - for anyone on ADT, thoughts or experience with a loss of that attraction from other men. I know, age plays an important part, but after the chit chat, and photo exchange, and meet up, and a hook-up is happening, quite often I experience: " he's not hungry - or hot " and though many of the guys are nice guys and there is some visiting and camaraderie, and they often come back for more, there is often the sense of " he is not hungry or HOT for me " and I wonder if the lack of pheromones is sending a signal.

input or thoughts would be appreciated

Best to all


hope this gets to the right forum - though I think hetero guys may have experiences

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Sometimes things are just worth a taste or sample. We do get more selective as we age and that's just because we have been around the sun several more times.

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