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New Penis Experience


Hey Fellas, Hope everyone is faring well in these challenging times. So I thought I would take a moment and post an update on penile implant experience thus far.

First, I want to express extreme gratitude in that I am now able to get an erection whenever I desire. That feeling is really amazing and it really has improved the spontaneity of sex. I have done everything from masturbation to penetration, and as is well. I am reluctant to post this but, I wanted to make sure I express my full experience. At this risk of sounding petty and ungrateful, I have to admit that I was slightly esthetically disappointed with the outcome. My old self was 2 inches longer, fatter towards the head and slightly curved left. Now I have a 2 inch shorter penis that is perfectly straight and same width from base to head. I really am truly grateful to have the spontaneity of sex back but I would be remiss if I did not say that I miss the old penis. Of course I think us guys put way too much emphasis on our junk, but its only been a couple months post surgery so I still find myself looking in the mirror for the old guy back...LOL. Anyway, thought I would put it out there.

Lastly, If I had the chance to do it all over again, I definitely would.

Thank you all for the support you have shown me on this journey.


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Thanks for the update. I wish they could engineer them so they cum at orgasm.

Terp2017 in reply to Tall_Allen


Yes that would literally be the icing on the cake.

Hey Dreamweaverman -- Good for you, and I'm glad it came out well in the end, even if the end is two inches closer to the rest of your body than it used to be. And don't worry about sounding petty, I'd better anyone would miss two inches no matter what they started with.

I wonder if that's typical result of a penile implant (to lose two inches)? One way or another it must feel great to have one that works again; here's wishing you get to use it well and often!

And things are OK here, challenging situation and all, I'll send more in a PM.

I hope things continue to go well for new with the new device

dadzone43 in reply to jimreilly

The two inch loss does not come from the implant. I comes from the removal of the prostate and then reconnecting the urethra in a man who has prostate removal.

Your experience lines up well with that of the two men in my support group who have had implants.

I feel like you have read my mind. I am considering,g the penile implant, I could not do the needle injection. How was the recovery time for you? I'm so happy for you to have your sex life back. January 8th will be 3 years since surgery for me so I'm ready to do something.

Thanks for Shari,g your journey



Are you sure you did not lose 2 inches secondary to RP and not being able to have erections for 2 years?

During and after my RP, I lost 2+ inches of length and also some girth in RP aftermath.

I was 6.5 inches all my adult life. In consultation for implant, my penile stretched length was barely a bit over 4 inches. After implant, I gained 1 inch back and gained girth. Now, I am 5.5 and my wife and I are happy with this length.

Definitely, same as you, I am not happy with disfigured deflated look and feel. Also, my deflated angle never went more south then 4:30 which even short penis like mine is hard to hide while wearing scrubs.


Hello DreamWeaver,

I read your post a while ago. Thanks for sharing. How invasive is the surgery? Were you completely under anesthesia? Knocked out? How did you feel after the procedure? Was discomfort mild or severe, needing pain killers. Did you have to recover at home like any other major surgeries? How long was recovery before having sex? Masturbation is still dry. Is the sensation better than before the implant? When your erect, do you feel the pleasure you felt before RP? Is the pump noticeable? How long does it take to become erect? How expensive?

I know this is the 20 questions cliche. At one point, it crossed my mind to do, but I’ve had two major surgeries in my life, including RP. The idea for me is quite scary! (Not again 😫 is how I feel)

Thank you once again for sharing.


pjd55d in reply to willp4real

me too - interested in the answers to those questions

a couple of weeks ago I had a nice encounter with a man with a talented mouth - the orgasm was amazing - had to stuff a pillow in my mouth because I would have screamed the house down - I want more - and more - no surprise .

I have a theory may be BS - that all the nerve endings are still there even though there is a loss of length and girth. My theory is that those nerve endings are closer together so the feeling is more intense. Maybe just wishful thinking


Hi Will, apologies for late response. Ok let’s see, I will try and be as brief as possible.

It is minimal invasive surgery for me. A tiny scar above ball sack under penis.

I was completely knocked out under anesthesia.

First week was rough but manageable. Was in pain killers for 3 days after surgery. And ordered to have little movement. I watched a lot of tv that week! LoL

2nd week I was up and moving.

From surgery to full on sex is 6-weeks.

Sensation is probably the same. I had a lot of it before surgery, so no problems there. Feel same pleasure as before RP.

Pump is not noticeable to the eye, but can feel it inside the ball sack.

Erection takes seconds.

A lot of insurances will cover cost.

My sex life was really important to me, so it was definitely worth going through the surgery.

Hope I answered all your questions.

Hey there,

Yes, you clearly answered all of my questions. Thank you so much!

Oh, and congrats on the favorable outcome you were hoping for.


Great to hear your evolving story! Even though the Loop kept me going through ADT and beyond, I made a stupid mistake of discontinuing the Tadalafil too early, and it seems I've lost some length and girth because of that. Blood flow in general is a little down because of less exercise. But T is up (morning woods) and PSA is down, although I am due for another lab test before seeing my oncologist Dec 8th.

I too had a radical prostatectomy. When I first started sex rehab at Mt. Sinai I mentioned things seemed a bit shorter. They said that does happen but only minimally. Well, doesn't seem minimal to me. I switched to MSK and had a much more honest and positive experience. I still miss the inches but most of all I am angry that the side effects were not discussed openly and honestly with the surgeon despite my straight forward questions. Also, I wish it were more common knowledge that the side effects are real and what they are. We all know more than perhaps we need to know about breast cancer. I wish prostate cancer were supported as strongly as breast cancer has.

Hi George, thanks for reply. Yeah I share your sentiment. I am working on accepting my new penis in therapy. In addition, I am accutely aware of how I identified with having a large member. I guess I am simultaneously mourning the old and welcoming the new. But overall I am truly grateful to have my sex life return.

Sending good vibes your way!

What model are you using? Mine is a 2 part. I would have preferred the 3 part but because I had an open radical the surgeon didn't want to mess with the incision when placing the reservoir. am coming at this from another angle. After my Prostatectomy there was nothing left. Very little sensation even with an injection. SO after the implant there is something to actually see and touch AND use. Heck, I can even wear pants with a zipper. There was a time when I had to have elastic waste band because I would begin to pee before I could find it inside a zipper. I actually found a pair of black joggers that matched my suit to attend a function that I was not able to get out of. The outfit looked pretty good , if I do say so.

The sensation is great and even better than it was before prostectomy . It takes longer to climax, but when I do it is mind blowing! Like Tall_Allen says I miss the cum shot, I think that is because there are the occasional times when I pee during climax. I know I am not 18 or even 25 anymore but there is "something" that I can and do use and it is very natural. Yes, there is minimal head swelling unless there is a really good blowjob attached. Dr gave me cialis to see if that would help bring blood to the area, but that stuff gives me a headache. Also suggested a lassou type of cock ring. Didn't like that one so occasionally I use a stretchy very soft rubber ring, just enough to keep the blood trapped and not mess with the tubes.

One more thing, I walk , a lot. I find that the lack of blood in the head causes it to get really cold, depending on the weather of course. I tried one of my grandsons sock but it kept slipping off. Going a different route now, I will update.

Hi Xfire, thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like your resilience and determination has been really rewarding.

I am just so grateful there were options for guys like us.

Don't look in the mirror too long, you know what happened to Narcissus when he looked at himself in the lake too long. Sorry to hear about your story, and it is perfectly fine to feel petty every so often.

Dreamweaverman in reply to JDP13

Hey JD, Thanks for the advice man. Definitely in a much better place now. Therapy and the love and support of friends and partner really helps. Sending good vibes your way!

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