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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Sorting it out

Diagnosed 12/2017. Gleason 7 (3+4) only 5% pattern 4. PSA 4.9. It is all alarming, confusing, and I am not sure what comes next. Definitely not interested in surgery, and leaning toward brachy/internal at MSK in NYC. Liked the DR. on consult. Concerned of course about side effects, trauma of treatment (I have never even been in a hospital to visit) and of course now that they go poking around what else may turn up. Not dealing all that well, despite the most amazing, understanding and wonderful husband one could ask for. Cancer is contained in prostate, no spread and was at T1c. Interested din hearing experiences from those who went through/are going through brachy therapy. Thank you in advance. A community of support is the only way to get through this I think.

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First, know that you have plenty of time to make this decision - prostate cancer progresses very slowly. It is even possible to use active surveillance when the diagnosis is as favorable as yours. There are two kinds of brachytherapy: high dose rate (temporary implants) and low dose rate (seeds). Michael Zelefsky at MSK is one of the foremost seed practitioners. He also offers SBRT, which is what I chose because retaining erectile function was of prime importance to me. HDR brachy also does a great job with respect to erectile function. I'm not sure who in NYC offers it - Mt Sinai perhaps?


Dr. Zelesky is who I had the consult with and who would do the seed implant. So I know I would be in good hands there.


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