NCI/NIH says Yes to improving sexual outcomes of gay and bisexual prostate cancer survivors

Happy to announce: Malecare and our academic partner, the University of Minnesota, will be conducting an NCI/NIH funded research study " Restore: Improving sexual outcomes of gay and bisexual prostate cancer survivors"

$2,039,220 (direct) $3,039,541 (total)

This study will test the effects of a comprehensive, multi-component, online treatment program tailored for gay and bisexual prostate cancer survivors on their sexual and urinary functioning. It will also test new treatments for specific sexual consequences of prostate cancer treatment. If successful, the study will demonstrate that rehabilitation works for this population and establish a new standard of rehabilitation care for prostate cancer survivors.

We will make further announcements on how you can participate.

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  • Great work, Darryl!

  • All your hard work and persistence have paid off and are much appreciated. Maybe I have missed it, but sometime it would be interesting if you post something about the nature of their research. Thanks for all you do.

  • Good job!!! Keep us informed.

  • Thanks

  • Count me in on this, thank you for keeping this going Darryl.

  • Me as well, and thanks!

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