Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Any Hints

Good morning Gentlemen,

I'm new here and have found all of the comments and posts very informative. I'm 5 days post op and everyday is getting better. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on the daily care of the catheter other than the suggested wash twice a day with soap and water.



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Hey Jim, The only I did was just pulling the tube out as far as I could to clean and lube the tube and pushing it back down as far as I could. Can't even remember how long I had to have it in...I think it was only a week. Good luck with everything. Allan


thank you Alan, I appreciate the reply


I didn't have to do anything extra with mine, just the usual washing. You will be so happy when it comes out! I think I had mine for 8 days.


I didn't have to do anything with mine either. But don't remember how long it was in. I believe 2 weeks.


I didn't do anything extra, either. But I had mine for like 2 weeks.


I had mine for 12 days and was ecstatic to have it removed! The only thing I did while it was in was to keep it lubricated with Vaseline, which is what I was instructed to do. I never pulled or pushed on it, though. When you go to have it removed, I recommend wearing a Depends... the full underwear. I had only a pad and was afraid it would leak between the hospital and home. Everyone is different, but I highly recommend Kegel exercises as soon as the catheter is removed. It took me 4 months to regain full control, and it was only when I got serious about doing the exercises that I experienced improvement. Good luck!

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Jim, the one thing that really helped me is that I asked the doctor for lidocaine lubricant jelly. It was suggested by someone else and it was extremely helpful. I had a lot of pain and sensitivity at the tip where the catheter exited the penis but the lidocaine got me instant relief. I was able to have my catheter removed in 6 days and was very very happy it was gone. Good luck....


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