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Hello everyone. I'm newly enrolled and 10 years post RP. I've had very good success with my cancer treatment but still struggle with intimacy (even though injections work pretty well- maybe too well). I would enjoy hearing how others (particularly single men) have made the transition back into dating and moved on with their personal lives. Look forward to hearing from you! Steve

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  • This is a thread I will be interested in following. I am 6 months post RP. I feel the same way about using injections and I'm struggling with intimacy issues with my partner. I am curious what injectable you use? I have only had Alprostadil alone, and its tough to get it just right.

  • I also will be interested in following this and also curious what are my options for injectables journey has just started I'm 3 months RP.

  • Hello and welcome...I would be curious to know more about injectables and also what you mean they when you say they worked " maybe to well" . Being 3 months post op I hope there are more discussions about intimacy.

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