Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Proton Therapy Completed 6/30/16 University of Md Proton Center

Proton Therapy Experience Completed 6/30/2016 University of Md Proton Center

My Gleason score was 6. Five days after beginning treatment urgency was a major issue. The md started Flomax. Symptoms disappeared immediately. During the treatment I was able to climax and experience erections with generic Viagra. I so happy to experience and orgasm without difficulty. The md told me not to have anal sex for six month. I can deal with that because wasn't having anal sex frequently. OMG I would recommend Proton Therapy for anyone who qualify... University of Maryland Proton Therapy Center staff was awesome. If you have to move to Baltimore, Md for 8weeks, it would be worth the move......If your sex life is important and you want to continue enjoying orgasm Proton Therapy is the way to go

Paul Braswell

Baltimore City

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Thanks for the good words on Proton Therapy. I had it in 2011 at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas and they are fantastic to. I had sex all the way through the treatments but no ansl sex. And still haven't had any side effects.

Michigan Jim


Sounds like a fantastic outcome, Paul. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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No bottoming for 6 mos.!?!? That's not a big problem for me, but I've never been told anything of the kind. Eventually I'll ask my own doc, but I'm curious. Has anyone else been told no anal sex for 6 mos after a form of radiation treatment?


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