Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Hi. I'm Nick. I live in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. I'm a former newspaperman now a software trainer. I was diagnosed in January, 2014. PSA was 6 in February, 2013, but dropped to 5.2 before treatment with SBRT in March-April 2014. Gleason was 3+4. I attend a support group at the Gay & Lesbian center here with a terrific group of guys. You're all welcome to join us on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

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Nick, I lived in Los Angeles, Pasadena, over the hill from you for over 27 years. I have attended that Prostate Support group at the center 2 times.  You and I have the same PSA and Gleason rate. PSA was 4-5, and Gleason was also 4-5. I have the ED thing after the surgery and dating has been tortrous. I work out at the gym doing a rigorous work out 3x a week. I am excellent athletic shape but once guys find out I cannot get hard, they make nice and it fizzles..  Please tell me about how you are coping and your dating intimacy situation if you feel comfortable/ We can also take this off line/publically and you can email me privately. I can give you my email address if you should so desire.


Hi. Happy to talk offline: 


Sent you an email: mine is:


Hi...I live in LA and Chicago during the summer..I had the surgery 4 yrs ago and I'm the same...ED found me...I workout 4-5 times a week, bike hike, have tried various no avail. I'd like to meet other guys in the same boat in both LA, Chicago or Palm Springs...for friendship, activities, travel...guys who know what ED is like...and talk about the realities of ED.

I can give anyone who feels the same, is active and maintains a positive attitude my private email address if desired....


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Jerry, I live close to Palm Springs. Write me:


Hi Jerry,

Nice to hear from you. If you're in LA and want to meet a great group of guys, I suggest the twice-monthly PC group at the Gay and Lesbian Center on McFadden. It's at 7 p.m. on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesday of every month. (I'm taking a class through Sept. 6 on Tuesday nights so I won't be there, but the other guys would love to meet you also.) You can also email me at Happy to share what's going on with me.



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