Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Hello from the Central Coast of Calif

Hello from the Central Coast of Calif

I am a 67 year old gay man living with my wonderfully supportive husband here in the central coast of Calif. We have been together for 23 years and legally married in August 2013. We actually view our commitment ceremony in May 1996 as when we actually married.

I have prostate cancer. This is the third time. Had surgery in Nov 2008. It returned in late 2009, had radiation and hormone therapy. The cancer returned again in 2013 but the Drs decided to do a wait and see rather than act early as they did in 2009.

For the first 2 years my PSA basically doubled every 3 months but the rate of increase has slowed down in the last year to a doubling time of around 8-9 months. The PSA on my test last month actually went down for the first time.

We had been considering a clinical trial and saw Dr Ryan of the University of Calif - SF Medical Center in late 2015. He proposed participating in one of two different trials they are involved with and after the last test result we decided not to participate in either at this time.

Doing the wait and see is difficult but all my Drs say it is the best way until things change.

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Great news we all wish our news could be the same peterprimrose


My heart aches for every man maliciously attacked by this horrendous disease!  We have a friend with PC but he appears to fighting it quite well and we hope he continues the GOOD FIGHT!  I have been so fortunate to have fought and won three different bouts of Ca, yet spared PC! SO FOR ALL AFFLICTED PLEASE FIGHT LIKE HELL.... ITS YOUR LIVES AT STAKE but then you ALREADY KNOW SUCH.  OUR BEST WISHES TO ALL!  IF tears for he who suffers would WIN then you all are WINNERS IN MY BOOK !


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