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PSA score 3 months after HDR Brachy & 25 IMRT

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Thank you all for all the information you provide, truly a life-saver. First PSA test 3 months after treatment shows 1.54, last test prior to treatment was 4.87. Meeting with Doctor on 10/22 to discuss. Feels a little high, is this within expectations?

Thank you all again!

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Congratulations, that's excellent.

Thank you TA, your response is very helpful for my mental health!

If not on ADT along with RT it is good and will probably continue declining in the future.

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Thanks Justfor_, yes no ADT. Appreciate the reply!

It’s a very good number - congratulations. Be prepared for it to bounce up and down for a while. I’ll share my chart with you and hopefully it will put you at ease. In retrospect, I’m glad now for the increases in PSA after significant drops because studies show they lead to better outcomes. It’s taken me 3 years to get back down to the result I had 3 months after treatment. I probably have a couple more years to get down to below 1, if I even get there. One doctor, who has years of experience in HDR Brachy (Dr. Chris King who treated Tall Allen), looked at my chart and said my nadir might be 2. He also said I don’t necessarily need to go lower and that my numbers showed no cancer in there. It wasn’t until the last 6 months I was absolutely confident that I was In a really good spot. It can be a stressful journey post treatment but you should feel really good about this first result.

Thank you curtisbirch, your experience is mentally comforting and with others here helps me not to panic if the next few PSA's bounce up. You also re-set my expectations of what my acceptable nadir can be, as you read so much about very low numbers. Glad your treatment has worked so well for you and that you are in a good place!

That is a great number post procedure! Congratulations! To ease your thoughts a little, I had HDR-BT as a mono therapy a year ago and my numbers are as follows: prior 6.4 ng/ml; every 3 months post treatment: 1.66; .841; 1.080; 1.720. I've been told it should calm down in another 3 to 6 months as I've hit the bounce and not to worry. Regards.

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Thanks, your note is really helpful for me to mentally prepare for a bounce also! It feels like at this point after treatment it's more of a mind game to sit tight, be patient, and not get to worked up. Wishing you the best!

A very good result indeed. I am jealous - my recent 3 month PSA after sole SBRT only dropped from 4.9 to 2.98. I did realize later my wife had jumped me a mere 10 hours before the blood sample was drawn, so that may have had an effect. I'll keep her away next time!

The very best reason for a higher PSA! Thanks for sharing and good luck on the next one!

With a high risk Decipher I wonder why there was no ADT for a period of time. Personal decision?

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JDL_Coffee in reply to Anomalous

Yes, my doctors gave me a choice of 45 IMRT & ADT or 25 IMRT & HDR Brachy. I also think it depends where you go, UCSF generally recommends HDR Brachy.

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