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Anyone taking Trelstar?

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I am for ADT. I never see it mentioned here.

I got boobs, belly, and butt + hot flashes, mainly at night.

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I am now in my third year of ADT for very high risk PCa. I’m on Zoladex shots every 12 weeks. Before, during and after my 39 sessions of external radiation I was also on Casodex 50Mg and 10Mg Tamoxifen daily for nearly a year.

The ADT was instrumental in bringing down my PSA from 87 at diagnosis to 0.51 and the beginning of radiation. Thankfully my PSA has so far remained undetectable since completing radiation in April of last year.

Without ADT I doubt that I would be in such a good place. Like you I have experienced unwelcome side effects and am coping well nevertheless.

There are no side effect free treatments for PCa, much like other diseases. ADT works in denying PCa access to testosterone and thus reduces the cancer burden in localised PCa and can be effective in eliminating micro metastases in locally advanced PCa treated by radiation. It also offers disease control in advanced PCa at least for a time for most men.

Although the side effects are at least unpleasant for some and very debilitating for some others, ADT remains vital to PCa treatment.

There are options for dealing with the side effects, Tamoxifen being one, exercise another; healthy diet also. I believe that Venlafaxine works to reduce hot flushes, though I use my ceiling fans (I don’t get too many hot flushes, thankfully).


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Thanks, but my question was about Trelstar.I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere on this forum.

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GnRH agonists that have been marketed and are available for medical use include buserelin, gonadorelin, goserelin, histrelin, leuprorelin, nafarelin, and triptorelin.

Your Trelstar(triptorelin) is a GnRH agonist as is Lupron(leuprorelin) Zoladex(goserelin),etc. so when you see brothers here speak of Lupron, Zoladex etc. the action to reduce Testosterone is the same GnRh agonist approach as with Trelstar.

I've seen it mentioned here on the site.

Thank you. I don't know all (any?) of the acronyms I see here.GnRH? All I know is ADT.

Yes, I know I could look them up but I guess I'm just not that curious.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to dixiedad

Your form of ADT is Trelstar. Another form of ADT that has the same method of ADT is the famous Lupron and Eligard.

You asked if anyone else was taking Trelstar. Did you open the link I gave you.

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dixiedad in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Sorry, I missed the link. I don't see well. ARMDThank you.

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