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Prostate cancer is now in left eye anyone dealing with this

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I went in for a routine eye exam just to get new glasses not having any eye or vision problems by the time day was over found out my prostate cancer is likely in my left eye

Went thru 6 hours of testing and getting appointment set up at Kellog Eye Clinic at University of Mich

Has anyone else had prostate cancer spread to eye?

Thanks for any help

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Happened to my friend. Eye and other mets on his cranium. He had SBRT that got rid of it.

Great I sure hope I can achieve that great ending

This cancer is like wildfire showing up anywhere anytime

At present I am receiving taxotere and ra223 radioactive isotope iv that I get every 28 days via mediport and it is supposed to circ in blood and settle in the bones and target cancer only

I had gotten the taxotere about 2 1/2 years ago along with androgen treatments and it all helped me out

This summer has severe colitis lost 55 # and in hospital for over two weeks and I think all my cancer meds rendered in effective and let my cancer flare way back up

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Lulu700 in reply to Livetodayok

How much do you weigh now?

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Livetodayok in reply to Lulu700

I regained my weight after the severe colitis cleared up

Without help from a team of doctors and nurses I wouldn’t be here today

I was overweight to begin with went from 230# down to about 175 180# in 8 weeks the severe colitis prevented my cancer meds from being absorbed into my system and caused major cancer flare up my opinion

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Lulu700 in reply to Livetodayok

Whoa nelly! I too went from 230 to 165 during imrt . Because I stopped all sugar and also fasting during treatments. Now I’m good at 190 . Take care .

That must be horrific? I’m sorry about that . I Hope that you can curb that out of your eye . 🙏

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Livetodayok in reply to Lulu700

Yes so do I It looks like only a few places take care of this type problem and U of M Ann Arbor Kellog Eye Center is one of them and about 45 mikes away

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Lulu700 in reply to Livetodayok

That’s a break , being so close. Please let me know how this goes.? Let them help you .🙏

How did you know it was in the eye? PSMA/pet imaging? Best wishes to you!

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Livetodayok in reply to bean1008

I had no idea anything was wrong was just getting a routine eye exam for new specs and eye doctor found the abnormalities with the hi tech testing scanners they use. She sent me to an eye specialist who did about 5 hours of testing on my eyes and the news was all pretty grim he referred me to the eye oncologist who I will see on June 9th.

So he will be the final say in what is wrong but all points to cancer and who knows maybe is a non prostate cancer guess I will find out in a week and a half

I just hope my eye can be saved

Glad you are seeing an ocular oncologist. Did you have genetic testing when diagnosed with prostate cancer? BRCA 2 can be associated with some cancers behind the eye. I hope all goes well.

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Livetodayok in reply to hg115pb

Yes about 35 dna codes were tested before the eye problem snd now more are going to be tested for just gave the blood few days ago

Good news is the eye oncologist thinks he can help my eye

Plans to give me an of laser activated medicine that will circ in my blood for about an hour and then use what he called a cold laser beam in the areas of cancer cell in my eye and the laser light will activate the medicine chemicals and kill the blood flow to the timers and they will wither and die with no blood

Says works good 70 pct of time if doesn’t do the job then will use precision radiation beam

It seemed very optimistic about getting my eye saved

Am very thankful to have seen this great Doctor

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