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Hi all, just been to see my specialist/urologist regarding my next course of action. My cancer is confined to the prostate, my bone scan has shown it hasn't spread, My PSA level is 14 and my Gleason score is 7(4+3), the options I have been given are surgery to remove the prostate or radiotherapy and hormone treatment, after serious thought and a lot of research I have decided to have the surgery. I know the pitfalls and what to expect and I think this is the best thing for me, Im sure some would disagree but Im comfortable with my decision, just waiting approx 3/4 weeks for my admission day to hospital. This prostate cancer journey has been really quick for me, i havent had time really to stop and think about it, I hope that after the surgery and Im resting up the mental strain of this doesnt kick in!! is there help available for the event of this, I really dont know what to expect, take care ,

Regards , Pete xxx

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Good luck. They will be better able to inspect the prostate that way to see if there are any surprises, which is common with 4+3

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4+3 is more likely to be restaged to 4+4 than 3+4.

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There is a Partin Tables app you can download to see what the chances of it being organ confined are, based on stage and PSA and Gleason score. The information is somewhat dated so I would up your chances from the app some as a result of better imaging now. But in any event, surgery will increase your doctor's ability to inspect to make sure there are no areas where the cancer came right up to or across the cut line of the surgery. Even the new imaging doesn't see everything. Good luck!

In 2012 my result prior to the op were almost identical to yours, I was aged 63. I had the op, the recovery is no picnic, and it takes quite a while to adjust. Talking to people I know who'd had the same op helped a lot. I also used Prostate UK publications and online stuff plus I had a couple of anonymous chats with their specialist nurses. All extremely useful and informative.

My own cancer reoccurred 7 years after the op as a result of a few rogue cells in the prostate 'bed' indicated by a PSA rise which may or may not happen to you but keeping an eye on PSA is essential. I then had a course of radiation and hormone therapy which has resulted in a negligible PSA now. Not sure about how often reoccurance happens but you need to be aware that it might.

Whereas the op took a while to get over the radiation was long and daily(33 sessions for me and the hormone treatment drained me of energy for over 18 months.

However don't want to sound too depressing, it all works and I'm still around to enjoy life. Sometimes it was hard to keep positive but then you think of the alternative and things don't seem so bad.

I wish you well with your op and I'm sure you'll come through it with many insights. I consider myself very fortunate to be in the UK with our amazing NHS where I got top level treatment at Guy's Hospital, amazing surgeons and care at no expense to me.

Check out the Prostate UK website, it's packed with every sort of information.

I wish you the very best.


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Hi Steve, like you I'm in the UK and I'm 62, I was lucky really, about 2 months ago I was suffering with my piles and managed to see my GP, he did the finger up proceedure and was concerned that my prostate wasnt right, then came the blood tests and because my father died from PC he sent me for a colonoscopy that came back clear but my PSA level was 14 so I went for a MRI scan which showed up some abnormalities, then I had a biopsy 10 out of 18 cancerous, Had a bone scan all clear, just seen the urologist and will have surgery in the next 3/4 weeks. by the way the piles are ok now and I live a normal healthy life and work full time, I dont get up during the night for the toilet and no problems with erections, I would never of found this out if I hadnt had that routine check up, must admit its happened so quickly for me I havent really had time to let it sink in, mentally I feel fine just worried that after surgery I might start to overthink things, Really grateful to our NHS they have been amazing. This forum has helped me and to talk with someone that has the same scores and how they got on through surgery and recovery has been a great help and given me some idea what to expect, No doubt I will be posting on here to talk about my journey, Regards


Almost certainly you will experience some anxiety about this. The decision itself is so heavy. I strongly urge you to find a support group of other men with PCa who have faced what you are facing. MaleCare and USToo have a fine directory of active support groups. I started in mine even before the surgery. It helped keep me steady as I faced the surgery and after. I chose surgery too and have not regretted that choice.

Yeah, I have anxiety about almost anything. But the surgery and recovery were actually better than I expected. (and the biopsy was worse than expected--who'd a thunk?) One of the tougher parts postop was dealing with the catheter, and sleeping on my back--which I was not used to. But once the catheter was out, life became much more normal. Sure there are issues postop, but I was well prepared for them.

I think you'll be fine.

I’m pleased that you have been able to reach a decision on treatment and I hope that the surgery happens soon and is a total success.

I know that the recovery process has its own set of challenges, but there are many on here you can advise and assist if you have any concerns. I didn’t have surgery because I was past the point where surgery could have been curative for me, so I suppose I had fewer options to choose from!

Be good and kind to your self over the coming weeks and months as you recover and keep us posted. Best wishes.


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