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TRT and I've been on trt for 5 years and after I went for a normal checkup every 6 months my PSA went from less than 1 to my primary care physician sent me to urologist for high PSA..he gave me a DRE and a urine test which both came back negative....he gave me antibiotics and I went back 2 months later and my PSA dropped to 2.3 which they were happy about and back to somewhat normal. When they found out my PSA had spiked my PCP stopped my TRT I go back to the urologist and they tell me they will send in my script to start my TRT (which I thought was weird because my PCP is who usually does that) again because my PSA dropped to now the urologist tells me i have to come back in 3 months to be tested for PSA and Test CBC because that is their protocol if I want to stay on PCP and the urologist want to do the exact same bloodwork 1 month apart! 1st off..I was on TRT before I even went to this urologist and I could care less if I ever seen them again...and that's what i told them. Why do they think they have a say with my TRT? Can they control what my PCP gives me? I told them I dont want to come back to them because it's pointless for both to do the same exact bloodwork. This is why we pay so much for insurance. And they charged me and extra long dr visit because it was 16 mins long 1 minute over the 15 minute $200 more to my insurance because of this. Since my PSA was high for prostatitis do they over rule my PCP now? Thanks yall!

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Sorry for your frustration. I had to look up "TRT" because I did not recognize the code. I continued testosterone gel for probably two years after my PSA started to rise. I was glad to use it for its overall improvement in my well-being. Sorry also to lose it when I was diagnosed with G8 PCa. Like you, I do not see the sense of regular visits with my urologist + regular visits with my onocologist + regular visits to Men's Health clinic. The are looking at somewhat different things, though. Since they are in the same health network, there is less duplication of testing, mainly controlled by me. I just won't do duplicate tests.


They are right about the blood work needed. TRT often raises PSA due to BPH.


Tall, do you think TRT causes prostatitis?


I haven't seen anything suggesting that.

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You are in control of your healthcare, and who provides that care. If your pcp will not continue your trt bc of the elevated PSA, even after resolving it, then in order to continue on the trt, you may have to continue w urologist, or find a new pcp. Or fire them both. Some are controlling and others are willing to treat and monitor. But that said, with elevated PSA, and on trt, labs every 3 months is the norm, at least for several test, then less frequent. Good luck.


"And they charged me and extra long dr visit because it was 16 mins long 1 minute over the 15 minute $200 more to my insurance because of this."

Simply subtract a dollar (per hour) amount for the waiting time in the waiting room and the examination room. Then the doctor will say "WTF"

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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