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Partner of man with Gleeson 8 prostate cancer

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Hi. I'm actually the partner of someone with Grade 4 Prostate cancer - diagnosed 21 December 2018. We are in the process of collecting information and consulting urologists, oncologists and radiologists. The Team want to throw the kitchen sink at my partner a she is only 56 and very healthy generally (no current symptoms) but the cancer is aggressive (Gleeson 8). We both joined this site to get (and hopefully pass on) information. All the best to everyone. Maria

7 Replies
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Welcome, Maria. Please feel encouraged to post specific questions. It's a hard time, right after diagnosis....things do get better. ALSO, your partner is strongely encouraged to post for himself, too. Support is much more than just gettiing tech and treatment answers.

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Please join your sister and brother caregivers and partners on the Prostate Cancer caregiver forum,

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The first step is to get a confirmation of his biopsy results from Epstein at Jons Hopkins. It costs $250. Jus ask his urologist to forward the slides to Epstein for a second opinion - it's a very common thing to do.

I have no idea what you means by "throw the kitchen sink at." I don't think a team is a good way to decide such things. I think self-empowerment is better.

The best results for high risk PC have been recorded for brachy boost therapy.

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Jeff85705 in reply to Tall_Allen

NHS uses the "team" approach, and apparently so does Australia. I'm not sure if "second opinion" is meaningful in those countries--from my experience here.

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thanks for that - we are in Australia. We have a great team of people around us and are getting opinions for people doing research also. Feeling positive.

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Gleason 8, grade 4 ? I _think_ that "grade 4" means it's "metastatic" -- there are tumors not connected to the prostate.

Yes, aggressive treatment (= "throw the kitchen sink at it") is probably a good idea. I don't know if there's compelling evidence that a prostatectomy will help. But certainly, radiation + ADT is in order.

If "grade 4" _doesn't_ mean it's metastatic (that is, his tumors are still "organ-confined"), then I agree with a previous post -- think about a second reading of the biopsy slides.

If that confirms the Gleason 8 finding, it's still "aggressive", but earlier in its life, and more likely to be "curable".

. Charles

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Filotimo62 in reply to cpcohen

Thanks Charles. We are keeping positive and Tony remains focused on wellness and the future. He knows it will be a long journey but we have some good people around us. Also getting an opinion from a researcher in the US who is originally from Australia. Maria

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