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Update After RP Surgery


I had my RP surgery last Monday (July 16) and yesterday I had my catheter removed and reviewed the pathology. The result was somewhat surprising based on the CT scans and Multipan MRIs that showed no lymph node activity. However, after surgery the Dr. told me that he felt a hard lump in one of the lymph nodes that he removed (8 were removed, 4 on each side). Sure enough, the pathology showed cancer in 1 of the 8 lymph nodes. The good news is all margins were negative, so hopefully the cancer was removed. I guess I won't really know until my PSA is checked. All other stats were unchanged from DRE & biospsy (pT3b, Gleason 8, PSA has fallen from 32.2 to 4.8 from 2 months of Firmagon prior to surgery).

I know it is very early and others here have posted no leakage for the first few days only to start leaking later in the week; but, so far I have had zero leakage (including last night) so I am extremely happy about that (hoping that keeps up). Also good news is the fact that Dr. was able to do nerve sparing on one side (not the other as the tumor was fully throughout the neurovascular bundle on that side). He put me on Cialis, so hopefully sometime down the road I'll recover from ED.

Thanks to all for the support, advice, and knowledge from my prior posts, it makes going through this process easier to handle.


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Hi Brian,

It sound like the surgery went very well and your are on the right path for recovery.

Glad to know you don't have leakages and I am crossing fingers that you continue like this.

I see many similarities to your case. I am having cialis also since a few days after catether removal.

All the best to your recovery.


I took Cialis for 60 days. It is great. Once my blood flow was restored it remained good. I don't have any problems. I don't need to take any more Cialis. Good luck in restoring blood flow and dealing with incontinence.

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