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Wanna Be Dry Again

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My dilemma is I had a radical prostatectomy in August 2015.

My Gleason was 9 out 10.

I had 39 radiation treatments.

I did 2 rounds of Lupron.

I had heavy incontinence.

I had surgery of AUS implant in February this year.

Last week I had to have emergency surgery to have the AUS removed.

I have erosion of the urethra due to radiation.

My question:

Is there a doctor out there who is doing urethra reconstruction


Is it possible to have my urethra repaired so I can have some Dry


I was dry from April until last week and it was great.

I have a catheter now. It should be removed next Tuesday (12 days on a


Asheville VA doctors did not seem optimistic.

Do you know other men who have had this problem?

What do/did they do?

Is there a medical solution or am I as good as I am going to get?

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Thanks Bob. Been there, done that. The radiation really destroyed a lot of tissue in the area.

My husband has prostate cancer, but was unable to have it removed, due to already has breached the outer prostate capsule. He did 40 rad treatments, and has recently had his second Lupron shot. The shot is causing him a good bit of discomfort when urinating, but he's taking Flomax for it. Helps, but "not as much as I want it to". My suggestion about the urethra "rebuild" would be to contact several plastic surgeons about it. Given that it's possible to use plastic surgery to "swap out" genders, I would think a reconstruct of a urethra is possible as well. As you know, continuously having catheters is not healthy in the long run, far too big a chance for major infections. So, I would say ask around about plastic surgery to help rebuild urethra, and ask about medications for incontinence. God Bless your search and may He guide you to the right doctors. Please let us know how things go for you.

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Trivista in reply to Andy3680

Thanks Andy. I am doing just that. There was a discouraging couple of weeks following explantation of pessimism, despair, depression, sadness....etc but I am back in the fight, regaining the joy of living. I have contacted a couple of Urology surgeons and I am waiting on their responses. I'm alive. I'm sober. I'm still in the game. What ever is next will be better than what I had before.

Hi I know lupron has worked well for me, however my radical PROS, was aborted mid procedure so my prostate is intact and I'm on androgen therapy maybe that's why it works for me, sorry I couldn't be more informative. Stay up though.

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