I have always had a rigorous gym work out program Before and 3 months after the Prostate surgery. My testosterone is high 1150 due to my work out program. I also find the work out program helps to keep a strong libido. I will be 61 years old in May. Still, I have ED despite my work out program. I go to the gym 3 x a week and find at my age, it is more important to maintain MALE health then when I was younger. I am interested in what other men do to maintain their sexual health.

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  • hello! How did the shots work for you? I'm thinking of trying them...thanks for any imput you might have.


  • The injections work however, 1) extemely expensive, 2) the medicine MUST be refrigerated 3) Have to buy needles 3) Needle is small but there is bleeding 4) CANNOT INJECT MORE THEN ONCE A WEEK-PERHAPS 2X A WEEK BECAUSE YOU DAMAGE THE PENAL TISSUE, CAUSING HEMOTOMAS. 5) after injecting, you have to wait to wipe up the blood and wait to it stops before intercourse. 6) Erection only lasts 35 minutes 7) Erections are only on 3 sides TOP/RIGHT/LEFT, bottom of cock urethra is FLACCID as well as the HEAD of your cock is flaccid. If your wife or male partner wants intercourse, than putting up with this might be worth it.

  • thanks for your reply...well, the shots don't sound very promising....perhaps, that's why I don't know anyone who has tried them....when I get back to LA in Oct., I'll ask my doc what he thinks....I'm going to meet a specialist in Palm Springs in Oct....he's booked for 5-6 months...and see what he says about options..I can let you know if you're interested.

  • I love close to Palm Springs. When will you be in Palm SPrings?

  • I'm in Chicago for the summer and plan to be in PS, actually, Rancho Mirage in Oct. If you'd like to meet while i'm there...I go between LA and PS all winter...that would be cool. If you text, which is easier....310.995.2561


  • my email jerry is:

    I could meet you in Palm Springs... Email me

  • I have had a rapid decline of function over the past 4 years which I blame on the numerous biopsies while on active surveillence. Viagra had no effect, cialis and levitra had some effect but not always satisfactory. I just started the injections 3 weeks ago and have not experienced the problems you have. The injections work like I was 20 again. No bleeding except the first time I did it and hit a vein. Have tried 5 more times and no bleeding. Erections last from one to two hours depending on the activity. Are you sure your injecting in the proper location and in a site with no vein? Also, if there not working well talk with your doctor about adjusting the formula or the dosage. My experience is they are not nearly as expensive as the pills. I was not told I could only use it once a week. Have used it up to 3 times in one week. Like to hear if others have been told that. Believe it, I know what you are going through and commensurate with you. Sorry I am not in Colorado. One of my favorite states.

  • MLBKY: I am so glad to hear the injections are working for you. AT least I can hear the happiness in your words. I am in Arizona and Los Angeles. I am glad you do not have the bleeding. How many CCs do you inject? I need at least 30. Are you dating currently? If so, how has that been going? I am still single and dating has been lack luster.

  • I use 10 CC's. I am still single as well. Yes, dating has been lack luster. Not an easy subject to approach with some one but a few have been okay with it. The main thing has been my lack of confidence in dating because of it. The injections have given me some new found confidence. If you get out to L.A. have you heard of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute's(PCRI) annual conference held at the LAX Marriot. It is the 2nd weekend in Sept. each year. I have been going since diagnosed. It is an incredible conference with some of the best prostate cancer doctors in the country giving seminars. They also have a couple of support group sessions for gay men. Check it out at :

    One of the best investments in my health I ever made in understanding my disease, the options, and all new treatment trends and even sexual function information.

  • You are lucky at only having to use 10cc. I need minimum of 30cc. Can you image how long that vial of ED meds would last me usint 30cc each time to get a functional erection? Very expensive. I lived in LA for over 30 years. The prostate was removed 2010. I had been going to Cider Sinai Hospital MEd center and never knew about the Prostate Cancer Research Conference. I would like to try to make it. I lived in Pasadena. Perhaps we could talk and meet before the conference MLBKY

  • Your right. at 30cc per injection the vial would go fairly quickly. Not sure how long i will be able to get by with just using just 10". I kind of got a little bit "off target" on my last injection and it was not nearly as effective. I hope it was a bad injection site and not the lack of the trimix doing its thing. The conference is a quick trip I will be flying in Friday morning and out Sunday afternoon but be glad to meet you somewhere within that time frame.

  • I went to the Doctor and ask him to show me how to do the injection thing again. He grabbed my cock stretched it, turned it on the side, and injected the needle ( of course at precisely the right spot) WAMMO, it started to get erect. He gave me a small Trial vial to try at home again. Difficult to get the technique down correctly and the right spot. 2) I thought you lived in Los Angeles? I had a place in Pasadena and a place in Arizona. I will drive in to LA and stay with relatives. WHere do you live MLBKY?

  • I watched a Youtube video which was actually more helpful than the doctor. I have done it 5 or 6 times now and only missed the spot once. Of course, missing it at all is bad if you need it to work. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. The Focal Laser Ablation clinical trial I am enrolled in is in Los Angeles so I am out there every 3 months. Was just out there last week.

  • MLBKY: as mentioned, my Friend in Sarasota, Florida had the Prostate vaporization Lazar procedures stage 2 prostate., 3 months ago in May. He said his PSA is 00.001 and he just got his erections back. He paid $35,000 out of pocket. $25,000 for the actual surgeon fees and $10,000 addition for the MRI, hospital fee, Anastesiologist, blood work. Forgive me, I forgot, did you have the prostate removed or are youon the "careful watching "stage? How long have you been single? I was with Jeff for 15 years but he passed away with cancer 3 years ago. I have been single since.

  • I had Focal Laser Ablation. So they only ablated the spot in my prostate that had the cancer. I still have my prostate except for that small portion inside the prostate where the cancer was that they zapped with the laser. I had the ED issues before the procedure. My orgasms are great and my ejaculation has more volume than before the procedure but the texture is more clear and much thinner. So sorry to hear of the passing of your partner. You have been hit hard with his passing and your cancer. i only accepted this aspect of my life within the past 4 years. I know , rather late in life to be figuring that out and still single.

  • MLBKY: yes, I feel what you say. I also have intense orgasms. I do take Cialis which intensifies the orgasm. I have an rigorous work out program to maintain physical health. How long have you been single? My email is:

  • On my flight out to L.A. clearing out my email folder and I realized I never responded to your question. Sorry about that.

  • I lived in LA for over 29 years. How long will you be in LA?

  • Just in town for the Prostate Cancer conference this weekend.

  • I wanted to go to that conference but have a Doctor's appointment on Friday and Monday morning both. I wanted to meet you and see the conference

  • Sorry you can't make it. A wealth of information and good place to network with others. Put it on your calendar for next year.

  • The ONLY other option is the New Styled Penis Implant. The older one make you have 3 balls, the 3rd ball is the air ball you squeeze to pump the saline into the prothesis device the DR implants into your cock. The New one also has a much small device but it is WAY UP into your scrotum and , from what I am told, is not as detectable. ONe still have to squeeze the reservoir to pump the saline into the dick HERE IS THE CLINCHER what the doctor will not tell you. YOUR COCK SHORTENS by at least 1 inch when they imput the implant. It is covered by Medicare. ONE man I talked to had this NEW implant. He said, it worked well for his wife.

  • If all else fails, look into 'Tri-mix'

  • the link above failed. Can you obtain the link again and re=post it?

    I have tried the penal injections. I already listed the cons on this which were over 6 of them

  • just google "trimix ustoo" [it wasn't a hot link]

  • WHAT IS THIS tri mix ustoo?

  • Us TOO was founded by—and continues to be governed by—people directly affected by prostate cancer. We’re a nonprofit established in 1990 that serves as a resource of volunteers with peer-to-peer support and educational materials to help men and their families/caregivers make informed decisions about prostate cancer detection, treatment options and related side effects.

    TRIMIX: Trimix is an injectable three-drug prescribed medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. The active ingredients in the mixture are usually alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. The injection must be compounded by a pharmacy and administered via intracavernosal injection (an injection at the base of the penis).[1][2][3] Trimix is typically compounded by a pharmacy in a sterile environment and then frozen. The compound is stable for up to 6 months while stored frozen and for 1 month if stored refrigerated beginning at the time of manufacture.[4]

    Google: Google Search, commonly referred to as Google Web Search or Google, is a web search engine developed by Google. It is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web,[4] handling more than three billion searches each day.[5][6]

  • I have logged on to USTOO and sent the admin an email for support group in my area. I just hope it is a men's only group. Way to embarressing to have women there... We men have NO place at all during these modern times that is MEN ONLY. Women have invaded every aspect leaving us no where , where men can relate

  • I sure hear you on the presence of women on the prostate cancer boards. It is understandable in that we know that many men are reluctant to deal with their health issues and even more reluctant to speak openly with other guys about them. An unfortunate reality, but since the women are concerned and willing to speak out in support of their man they invade spaces like Us TOO and here. Malecare sponsors a group here at HealthUnlocked named ProstateCancerAndGayMen which you are welcome to join. It is supposed to be men only. PCAGM formerly was on YahooGroups and quite a lively group there, but seems to have lost a lot of members and energy in switching over to HealthUnlocked. Join it, there are some good guys there; maybe we can help revive the energy.

  • where do I find the Prostate cancerandgay men group listing?

  • I'm 65 and had my RP 5 years ago. I also have a pretty active gym routine, 3 days a week of strength and flexibility training and 2 days of cardio. I dropped a ton of weight and I feel and look much better. I think that's made a huge difference in my state of mind as well as my physical condition. That's been important in my libido and sex drive. No huge problems with

    erections, although they aren't quite as hard or long lasting as before. The half inch or so of length I lost from the surgery was recovered by a loss of belly fat at least cosmetically. The important thing about staying fit is the improvement in my mental state, which has led to a much better sex life. I will also say that orgasms feel pretty much the same as before, although no cum is ejected. One surprising change as that I've become multi-orgasmic and can cum 3 or 4 times in an hour now - a very big and welcome change for me.

  • You are lucky to have erections. I have none but am in excellent athletic shape. 5'8" tall 148 pounds 30" waist, 41" chest. 6% body fat ratio. I would give up to get a natural hard on again.

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