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I had prostate surgery 2010. Since, I have had no erections at all. None of the ED methods work with the exception of the cock injections. I do take cialus, which does not give me an erection but gives me more intense orgasms. I am curious as to how do other men that have had the surgery and ED, "get off" 1) do you have intense orgasms and 2) In what way are you able to achieve an orgasm. By rubbing my cock, does nothing for me. I have to rub at the base of the cock where the cock goes into the body. I suspect that is where the nerves that were left after the surgery are located..

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  • I had surgery 8 years ago and I find a vacuum pump works well take it slow and stroke the head of your cock see how it goes

  • I tried the vaccuum pump. TORTUROUS medievil device. The pressure of sucking your cock is painful 2) Having to put that RUBBER BAND COCK RING, LIKE A TURNAQUET over the base of you cock was WORSE> AFter all that pain, a guy is suppose to have erotic feeling? INDEED.. I pass. The fucking device cost $600 of which medicare paid for it. The brand new device now sits in a box where it belongs.

  • Best of luck in the recovery. While the tri mix injection worked for me, I have hand tremors and injecting myself was a challenge. The pump did not work at first but the Rep on the phone was very, very helpful. I just needed to find the best ring. I admit, it is cumbersome but successful. I have considered the implant but it is a bit costly. While ED is an inconvenience, I have been cancer free for almost 4 1/2 years, thank God.

  • medicare will cover the penal implant as well as most insurance companies...Installing the Penal implant will shorten your cock a minimum of an 1". If you had prostate surgery before this, then your cock will be 2" shorter total after prostate surgery and the after math operation of the penal implant

  • Thank you for the reply, already have 2" shrinkage. The main problem is that after the RP in 3/12, I had 2 inguinal hernia surgeries, (the end of July and the beginning of Dec. This delayed the normal recovery. Also, I am trying to find out if the Urologist did nerve sparing surgery. Take care.

  • this NERVE SPARING SURGERY is a misnomer to give men the FALSE HOPE that he will have a hard on again. TRUTH IS THIS: I look at a medical school Surgical text on Prostate operations. The erectile nerves have two areas 1) The erectile nerves form a fish net, wrapped around the Prostate. 2) Erectile nerves also run in two cable like nerve bundles on either side of of the prostate externally 3) THUS, when the prostate is RIPPED OUT, ALL the nerves in the fish net like arrangement around the prostate ARE GONE---losing a great deal of erectile function. IN addition, the nerves that could POSSIBLY be spared is how many erectile nerves that are left that run along the two erectile nerve cables that run along side the prostate externally. NERVE SPARING YOU SAY? HUH!

  • I was making progress until I started hormonal therapy. Since then nothing. P.S. Did not find out until after the operation that it shrinks the size of your Johnson by a couple of inches do to the loss of the prostate.

    Oh well... I had a Mac Truck full of diesel now I have a go-cart with no gas.

  • yes sir. Me too. The doctors CONVENIENTLY FORGET to tell a guy his cock will shrink by at least ONE INCH. Worse, they try to convince you to have the penal implant done for erections and AGAIN, in addition, you lose another inch of your cock after the implant. Fuck, probably left with nothing. Most of the ED drugs after prostate surgery do not work for most men i have found. Only in a very few cases does the ED drugs work after they rip out the prostate as well as ll the erectile nerves.. My cock went fro 7.5" x 6" to 6" x 5"

  • I still have all the sensation, but the hydraulics no longer work. We do oral, and that does the job just fine.

  • I understand. As we age, and health issues come up, I am beginning to realize , things change. Learning to accommodate, and embrace satisfaction with what we have, it the way to happiness. Thank you michael42301 for sharing

  • I had robotic surgery in 2012. My doctor was up front with me and explained that I might get erection capability back but less than 50% chance. I don't have it back yet so I think it's safe to say I never will. I also get intense orgasms but it does take a lot more to get me to that point.

  • These surgeons LIE when to erection potential after surgery. Of all the Prostate Men's groups I have done to , with approx 25 men each group . ONLY ONE man said he got erections without any ED stuff. ONE.... The rest of us had no erections at all, or in rare cases slightly erect. Most ED meds do not work. The injections usually result in an erection, along with the penal implant... The surgeons should tell the truth on this and they don't because they want to make money . They do not make any money if they do not do surgery.

  • I am not sure that I want to lay all this at the feet of my urologist. You did want to get the cancer out, right? Was that accomplished? Undetectable PSA? I would say the procedure was a success. Having erections would be icing on the cake. Do you believe everything a doctor tells you, without investigating on your own? I know things were heading south before the surgery. I also know that we get no owners manual for our prick. I used to get hard ons for no reason at all. That was prick self maintenance going on. As you get older that system breaks down. Yeah, even at 52.

  • Thank you for your sharing of your life experience. Your wisdom was well received.

  • >>>

    . . . . I have to rub at the base of the cock where the cock goes into the body. . . .


    Something I say to everyone contemplating surgery or radiation:

    . . . You will probably still have a sex life,

    . . . but it will be changed.

    Whatever works for you, do it.

    . Charles

  • exactly... Same here.... Cpcohen...

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