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My dads prostate cancer has came back

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Hello I found this group and I just need somewhere to write and looking for answers,support anything, my dad was first diagnosed with prostate cancer last year in sept it was stage 4 he took the chemo pill did great his psa levels went down to 0 and he was in remission praise God, yesterday he gets a call that it has came back and it’s on his spine now and we are going to his oncologist this Thursday to see how much it’s progressed and where,

He is in a state of shock and so am I and my sister. I never thought this was going to happen he is so upset but trying to stay strong and so am I but that is my dad my best friend I talk to him everyday and every night and that’s my kids grandpa and I’m just dying inside I can’t sleep I cry so much also he took the chemo pill and evidently didn’t work we thought it did please help me understand any of this please and what will happen now ? Thank you

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Have hope and wait to hear what the doctor tells you. There are many treatments available.

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