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Two months on Hospice

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My husband has been on Hospice since the end of August 2019 for Stage 4 Prostate Cancer that has spread to his liver. He decided to stop all treatments because nothing has worked. Each day he is here with a clear head brings us happiness. He has many challenges to face but he survived multiple rounds of chemo, androgen deprivation therapies, radiation and immunotherapy and severe side effects from everything and that says something for how strong he is. He eats less than he used to but we go out when we can for the "desire of the day" such as milk shakes, and Taco Bell Tacos. He is addicted to white bread grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and ginger ale. His mobility has decreased and he uses a walker to get around. Steps are very hard so we go places that have ramps and now that we have a handicap placard it is easier to park. We have discovered the electric carts in the stores and how much freedom they can provide. We had a chair lift installed in the house that gives my husband access to the second floor office and our bedroom. Managing the intense itching and swelling from the liver failure has been difficult but Hospice has been very aggressive with trying different things that has brought some relief. Our Hospice team has been amazing. They even have a massage therapist come to the house.

Has this been hard? You bet it has! We have wonderful family and friends and the wise guidance from Hospice to help us on this journey. We both cry at the drop of a hat but I think that is OK. I continually read the posts from this site for information and they give me strength. Thanks to all of you that post here. Prayers to all and your families that have Prostate Cancer. Stay strong! Thanks for listening!

15 Replies
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Prayers for you both on this journey together. I’m glad you have hospice support. Dying well is a blessing for us all. My dad passed from ALS and he did it with such grace. Each day is a gift. I hope today is a great day!

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Thank you for kind reply. Each day is a blessing and we have had some really good days lately. ALS is also a very tough disease. Sending hugs to you!

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Aww... you sound like 2 sweethearts ❤. I'm so very sorry that your time is shortened but I'm so glad you have the love and kindness of each other and hospice to help. I just love all of the helpful things you both have discovered. I too love grilled cheese on white with tomatoe soup.... mine with some butter in the soup ;)

Sending love and prayers for both of you 💖


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Thank you so much for listening and your kind words!

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Your great attitude is so important. Being able to laugh and to cry means you are present. I wish you and your husband many more good days and when the time comes, a peaceful and calm transition.

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Thanks for your response and kind words! I read your profile and your postings. You have been though a lot! I wish you the best on your journey with this disease. Thanks for listening!

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Thanks so very much for sharing....You are at the place we all are moving toward and dreading....your words are an inspiration, encouragement and comfort. I pray that the two of you will continue to be blessed with strength, peace, and joy and be comforted with the nearness of the Lord throughout the remainder of your time together. Blessings on you both and the love and faith you share.

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Thank you so much for your sharing. One of the men in my support group said last night, "prostate cancer is a couple's disease, not just a man's disease. This is a valuable insight I think. Desire of the day!!! Love that!

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I try to do something he wants each day. It's not always easy. There are days when he and I needs our space but we respect that. Thanks for your response!

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Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your strength is amazing, both of you! ❤️

Love on each other as you have been, make more “desire of the day” memories as possible 🤗


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Thank you!!

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Many days we don't feel strong but we do the best we can,

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Hope I can do as well when the time comes... remember who we really are and how precious is our time together.

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Thank you! We never really spent a lot of time together and now that we are retired we are together 24/7. That has been new to us. We do respect the need for personal time. We are really getting to know each other again. Thanks for your response.

Thank you...take care.

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