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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Message from HealthUnlocked: Updates to your Community Guidelines

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your contributions to this community, we really appreciate how you have been supporting each other over the past year through sharing your daily practises that enhance your positive well-being.

Over the past few weeks we have seen a spike in the number of reports being made on the community.

HealthUnlocked takes the safety and security of all our members very seriously and makes it a priority to uphold our high standards of safeguarding. Through rigorous standard procedures, we started a full investigation to determine the cause of the reports.

Following our investigation, it is clear to us that certain content pertaining to philosophical and related topics were the cause of the disruptive behaviour in the community. The extremely high number of reports gives us strong evidence that this is a sensitive topic, causing irreconcilable differences in opinions.

The PWB community was set up as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim for people to have an online space for positive peer support; sharing their daily wellbeing practices whilst in self-isolation. We acknowledge and take full responsibility for the fact that we negated to explicitly state which topics should be off-limits. Our lack of direct involvement in maintaining the ethos of the community, sharing positive well-being practices, has meant that it has now ventured into a space which does not reflect the initial mission.

Taking this into account, the decision has been made to update the Community Guidelines.

From today, if you post content about ‘Political, religious, philosophical and related content’ you will be breaching the community guidelines and your content will be removed without warning. You will also find yourself at risk of your account being restricted from the PWB community.

Being a small, dedicated and caring team, these investigations are extremely resource heavy for us. We believe that the changes in the community guidelines is the best way in which we can move forward in a positive direction. This community is one in which we have seen flourish over a challenging time for all of us. We want it to be a safe place for people to continue to be able to come together, support each other and share positive well-being practices.

All the best,

The HealthUnlocked Team

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