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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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A few 'Thoughts', some Old, some New

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Dear all,

Up & Down-

We Wash UP, the crockery and Wash Down the walls. You Vacuum Up, both the Floor & Stairs. You can have a 'Much Up' but not a 'Muck Down', You can be 'Up' to something and/ or getting Down to something. You can feel 'Down', then pick yourself 'Up'. You can both Turn Up and Turn Down Music.

On & Off

Things can be Both a 'Turn On' and a 'Turn Off' However this can apply to both Inanimate Objects- like Taps, Tv's and so on...Or, depending on your Personal Preferences, Body Parts- Bums, Boobs, Feet etc. Comments can be made 'Off the wall' or be 'right On the nail'.

In & Out

Your can be 'In' trouble or 'Out' of sorts. You can be with the In crowd or put Out to grass. You can even go Out to an Inn, before going In, to the Outside bar.

Left & Right

You can be Left out, or even Left Right out..... You can be Left with a bill, or a baby, or even the cab fare.... which probably isn't Right at all. If all is well then, it is Right on (see On & Off above). In the middle of an evening Out (again see above) someone can say 'Oh heck I Left the gas On. (now I'm confused, so you can be too)

This is without even mentioning, until now, Over & Under, Big & Small or Odd & Even. Perhaps I've Sown a few seeds... and can Reap the 'rewards'.....

Ok enough already....


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2 Replies
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Andrew....i can relate to all these things lately,everything is a mucking fuddle.

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focused1Reading Rabbits

Our language must be so hard to learn if you don't learn it from birth . Thanks Andrew - a great piece to read.

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