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Another Five minute mindfulness.

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Here's another way to help to calm your mind when it's racing on with its imaginings and worrying. It doesn't take too much time out of your day (unless you want it to, that is!)

Doing the dishes mindfully.

Whether you have a lot of dishes, or only a few, determine to wash them by thinking only of the task in hand, and not letting your mind wander off through boredom in doing an unpopular task.

Think of each and every step as you carry it out. For example:

Filling my bowl with water. Reaching out to turn the hot tap, then the cold tap. Turning off each tap in turn.

Testing the temperature, by lowering my hand into the water.

Picking up the dish soap bottle, removing its cap and tipping up the bottle, squeezing it to release the liquid..... and so on. (I'm sure you get the picture)

Keeping your mind in the present moment is a great strategy for putting down the worries of the pandemic for a few minutes and will probably do you much more good than watching the latest news on TV.

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I tend to look at the number of my colouring books to find an escapism scenario susch as a seaside scene & colour it in with the TV off until its time to do a necessary activity it takes down my stress levels temporarily

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I think that mindful colouring is a brilliant way to focus on something to stop racing mind Sara_2611. I do it myself and love it. One day. pre-pandemic, I took a little colouring book and my gel pens on a train and was roundly laughed at by the ticket inspector who must have thought I looked ridiculous 'colouring-in' at the grand old age of 70-something. Glad to have brightened his day is all I can say! It passed my journey really peacefully! 🤣

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Oh how ignorant - He was probably a member of the younger generation -if that was me I d be telling him to mind his own business & get on with what he was paid to do & tell him it wasnt for him to make comments about a customer & that all he was paid to do was ensure people paid their correct fare & made sure people didnt get on without paying (& further more video it as you were saying it & repeat exactly what he said & show it to a manager & make a complaint (to take him down a peg or too)

You just carry on taking colouring on a train -its up to you what you want to do not him -hes just paid to do is take ticket money & if he makes a comment -film it

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Washing up is the only chore I’m allowed to do indoors because I can sit at the kitchen sink(cant stand) and I put a music cd on to play, and sing along with it!🙂

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Hi Don I like washing up hope you have a good day February today how strange life is did you see my walk post I'm hoping to get in park today may try go back to sleep don't feel like doing anything and pixies asleep ☹️😊🐆🌟🌈xx

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I hate washing up nevertheless it has to be done -I like colouring for my escapism

Hi thanks sue yes I do it when I'm eating a bun for instance I look at the colour this bun was a red raspberry coconut sponge bun I smell it I then bite it and savour the taiste slowly in my mouth some people just rush food and don't enjoy properly or get the comfort they can I nearly did a post once called been mindful with a bun but I never got round to it, lately I've been not so mindful tho and dunking biscuits in my tea and eating one after another and I keep telling pixie to be mindful with his food bit you can guess his answer lol, I enjoy watching coastal walks think it's on tonight has it really been a week unless I'm confused I need to get my meditation cd s out too I'm not consistent ☹️🌟🌈

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I giggled when I read about your biscuit dunking Mandy. I think we all have times when something like that occurs with food. And you have cleverly seen that mindful eating is another way to rein in an over-busy brain. I'll probably post that one too, at some point in the future. 👍

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Lol the worst thing is when the biscuits breaks off and ends up in the tea 🤮😁

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I'm going home it's the only way as me and mam keep arguing her anxiety and negativity is out of control and I'm sick of been treat like a 5 year old just off out in sun xx

LOL I think you should do a demo of your lentils cooking in the slow cooker lol 😁😸

Ha ha Jerry, give me a call after dinner and I'll pop round with my rubber gloves to show you how it's done! 👍

Believe it or not my favourite thing is cleaning the cooker 😳 I find it so satisfying getting all the gunk off and making it look all clean and shiny,I’ve got to be in the mood though 👍

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Please, Mydexter, put me First on your list for "cooker" cleaning! Oh, dear, I do try to keep mine wiped down but purely dread having to do the deep cleaning required from time to time! My addr is: .......and my door will be open anytime for your arrival...have a spare bedroom and like to cook...are you packing yet????

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Oh dear I see you live in USA , and we’re on lockdown so I can’t travel, thank goodness lol 😃. 🤣

Best thing I find is not to leave it get too bad, try and keep it under control then it’s not such a big job , do you have Brillo pads , I wouldn’t be without mine , they’re amazing for cleaning 👍

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Welll shoot! was worth the try, smiles ...Why let a little "pond mileage separate us"??? lol Yes, I do use Brillos pads for some cleaning and the little green sided/with sponge on the other side scrubbies for lots of lesser scrubbing tasks. If you change your mind, no advance notice required. Have a great day!

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My oven's officially offered up to you once lockdown's ended and life's more normal Mydexter. Please call round any time. You will be my honoured guest and you can spend as long as you like accomplishing this task. 👍😊🤣

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Do you do B/B 🤔☺️

So true, Callendersgal! As will my "mindfully" doing the washing up of pots and pans as I prepare meals because if I wait until after the meal, I have no incentive to return for the cleanup at all! Smiles

What an excellent post Sue and you are right in that if we are doing a task we don't particularly like then our minds can wander. I was watching Winter Watch on TV last week and they record a mindfulness video at the end where you just listen to the birds singing and other wild animals in the woods and it's beautiful, it really does relax you. I cannot think of anything better than listening to the birds and also the waves down at our local beach.

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Yes, both of those things are incredibly relaxing Alicia. I also love the sound of a trickling stream and listening to wild grasses blowing in the wind.🙏

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Oh yes a trickling stream is lovely to listen to and I also like listening to the grass. Just give me the wild and wonderful to listen to anytime.🏞🙏🌈

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You are so lucky to live near the beach , I'd love to live near the sea 👍😃

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It's lovely to hear the waves at night🌊

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