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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Adjusting to life and learning along the way

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I write on here as a means of support and understanding

I have been on my own for many years and LockDown has been instrumental in internal reflection

I have spent many years regretting the expectations I had held so dear now realising in hindsight that they were never meant to be

We learn to grow, evolve and develop in our own time and will eventually reach our end goal when we are ready and prepared

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This is so true Roukaya. Everything has its place and time which is why you can’t always tell people things that will help them as it might not be their time to hear and understand that advice. If that makes sense 💚🌈🙂

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Roukaya in reply to Agoodenough

Good morning

I hope you are keeping well

How are you managing in Lockdown

I think too many times I have regretted job opportunities I have failed to seize upon but knowing now they were never for me

This is why I believe we will succeed as and when we are meant to because the right job will present itself when we are ready for it

Good morning Roukaya, You sound quite reflective this morning and sometimes it's good to do that. When we do we can see opportunities that we've been denying ourselves. We do all evolve at our own speed, and it can depend on the distractions that life has sent us, how fast we wake up to that fact and decide to take action.

I know that recently you've made a resolve to not only reflect, but to put into practice the decisions you've made through that reflection, so once again, this morning, wishing you the strength to move on and make your own life happier. Take care and I hope you have a good day. ☀️🌈

Good morning

I hope you are well

Thank you for your reply

I think what has contributed to this post is my own internal realisation that no one except ourselves have to power to change our lives

I also believe in our religion everything happens by Allahs will but we have to keep trying and making the best of what we can do

I am the daughter of two very strong independent adults and I have always served their interests in their hour of need which I am pleased to have done

But in terms of self development and self progression I am very much behind

But as my Father would say it is never too late

Finally realising we all have our own unique path to follow and again I can see why we should not compare ourselves to others

Hi Roukaya, Your words are very wise, and I'm sure that there is more within that you can use to further your career and opportunities. But I am also a believer in knowing when you have reached the point beyond which it will only make you unhappy to push more. I guess the most important thing is to recognise that point of compromise where you feel you are doing OK and don't punish yourself by trying to push yourself beyond what's reasonable. Your father is right that it's never too late, but only if it's what you really want to achieve! It's possible to be a happy, singing bird halfway down the tree and not everyone will reach the highest bough! Take care! 🌈

Good morning

I hope you are well

Thank you for your reply

I can understand when you say it is not helpful to keep pushing if it makes us unhappy

Also everything within reason

I agree

I hope your day goes well

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Morning Roukaya, I think it does us really good when we reflect, it means we have a better understanding of ourselves. We have more acceptance of who we are and in this there is empowerment. Reflection is a good exercise that we should carry through life. It gives us chance to take stock and understand where we are in our lives. I hope you have a lovely day today and do something nice for you. 😊🌻🌼

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good morning

How are you

Thank you for your reply

I think last year as I turned fifty it was a huge milestone and given my own personal experience to date I can really understand why I did not succeed in fulfilling my aims

Older and wiser , I realise that the end goal is dependent on hard work and determination with self belief

I understand clearly where I have gone wrong so with the lessons learnt I will persevere

But I also realise the right opportunity will present itself when we try and when we are ready

I hope you day goes well

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Roukaya

I am well thank you Roukaya, I do agree with everything you say. Self belief being the factor that makes it happen. Opportunities do present themselves but be prepared to create you own opportunities also. I hope your day goes well also. 👍🌼🌻

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Thank you

You are absolutely right. x

"learn to grow"? - try to learn to glow!


I'm sorry this reply is late but I was in bed all day on Thursday. You are so right in what you say. There is a saying Everything comes to he who waits. I truly believe that . Take care and stay safe. All my love Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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