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How do you define shelter at home?

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First time poster here. So many people defining their time at home. I dislike lockdown as it is very inaccurate. I also dislike quarantine as it is also very inaccurate. I've heard self-isolation, shelter at home even self-quarantine. I personally use shelter at home or safe at home.

Lockdown and quarantine implies something like marshall law involving laws and roadblocks, curfews and passes to go anywhere. So far our basic freedoms and liberties remain intact.

What do y"all think?

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To begin with I said shielding as I had the 12 week letter! Now I say locked in🤣. I know it’s because I am so vulnerable because if my treatment but definitely getting to me some days now but staying strong most of the time. Stay safe ❤️🌈

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Yes I heard about people getting letters in UK. I am in USA and nothing like that here.

I am on home dialysis. I lost both kidneys many many years ago due to polycystic kidney disease. I'm also diabetic, brittle bone disease and on oxygen. Husband has a-fib, diabetic, psoriatic arthritis on immunosuppressents and alopecia. So we both use extreme caution.

Thank you

Hi KidneyCoach,

Welcome and thanks for making your first post here! 😀 I believe that it truly doesn't matter too much what words you use, so long as whoever is receiving them, understands, broadly, what the instruction is. Quarantine sounds harsh, but mostly we understand what it implies. Lockdown sounds horrible but we've quickly come to understand its intent and it's quick and simple to say, write and type. So I'd rather hear something I instantly understand and know the rules quickly, than spend time considering the best way to refer it.

An interesting debate! Best wishes, and please continue to be safe. 🙏

Of course you are right the words don't matter. I never meant to imply they do. Just curious how others define it. In the end it doesn't matter. I get that. I wasn't trying to start a debate nor discount taking precautions and respecting others and personal health.


Now that you mention it, yes, those words do suggest an element of "big brother".

They are just general terms of description, but we are all entitled to take them as we want them..... I have been SELF ISOLATING for nine weeks now, and so it goes on..... I would rather be safe than sorry

Have a nice Thursday folks.

Take care and stay safe!

Yes of course they are general terms and words and of course we are entitled to use the ones we prefer. I get that. Just curious is all. We have been hunkered down, self isolated, sheltered at home for months now but truthfully it became a lifestyle change for us decades ago in certain degrees


We are taking 'time out' spending time together in a bubble.

Although my neighbour refers to us being 'under house arrest' due to the fact that she has lived in Hong Kong.

Stay well.

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I like that, taking time out, maybe time to reflect on our busy lives, hopefully we”ll all use this time well and hopefully come out stronger, take care

Yes I realize it's only words. I am not in UK so I've not been sent a government letter directing me to stay inside for 12 weeks. I have several health issues....kidney failure, diabetes, bone disease and on oxygen. Hubby has afib, diabetes, alopecia and psoriatic arthritis. He is on immunosuppressents.

Yes it's all about using our brains to keep ourselves and others safe. Hubby and I learned long ago to be proactive about our health and not rely on others but do everything within reach to protect ourselves.

This is not war, not to us. This is life. A lifestyle change we made many years ago. We do all we can, but in the end it is what it is and as you say it's just words, right?

Thank you and Blessings

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