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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Lockdown and dealing with mental burnout.

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The key things to notice if you are experiencing early burnout.

Trouble focusing or remembering things.

Feeling of failure or self doubt.

Feeling detached to the point of feeling alone in the world

Feeling more negative about any work you produce.

Feeling irritated and snapping a lot quicker than usual.

Lacking motivation, feeling helpless, trapped and defeated.

If this resonates with anyone,please seek help and consult with your doctor.

I personally believe the worst thing to say to someone who are troubled with burnout is ; ''Everything happens for a reason'' and ''Keep calm and carry on'' these words can be harmful for people struggling with their mental health.

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You've. set out very well the mental health problems that crop up because of lockdown secrets22, and I've been thinking about it all really carefully, because it really doesn't seem to depend on how locked down you are physically, but how free you can keep your mind.

The irritability, detachment, loss of focus and forgetfulness are all familiar symptoms to me.

I agree that there comes a point when external help via a GP is really important especially if mood is, and stays, low.

I really don't think that the 'everything happens for a reason' argument is valid at all, but I do find some merit, not so much with 'keep calm and carry on', but in managing to 'accept that which I cannot change'. But I absolutely agree that there comes a point where it is unwise to soldier on without some professional help. 😊👍

Hi yes I agree people mean well but don't understand when someone's in a very bad mental place one can't just snap out of this mood and foccus on positive I'm lacking motivation in my house took me 3 mornings to out this lot away washed cutlery draw and confronted with this lot thought can't keep it all only managed to throw 3 things out I'm not depressed in general just my house situ has issues for me as I mentioned PTSD and now this new set back no job oh well and I certainly can relate or have to most of your list I am going to seek help regarding my panics about been in my house sending a hug xxx

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I was experiencing all of the above symptoms even before lockdown.

Heat Failure, Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Bereavement do not help - I was very depressed and obese, but I have lost 35kg and got (relatively) fit.

I did mention it to the GP - and they said that there was no point in making a diagnosis, as the cardio was already doing everything that could be done.

When they told us to self-isolate I was obese, had heart failure and asthma - and I was over 70.

Before I diagnosed myself, proved to the GP that I was ill and got them to refer me to the cardios, one GP diagnosed the problem as "just depression" and discussed anti-depressants - I sought a second opinion - and the second doc just wrote out a prescription for anti-depressants and said: "take these".

I thought I might have had a neurological problem, but the GP referred me to a private psychiatrist, not a neurologist, and they asked the same questions and confirmed the miss-diagnosis.

When the psyc asked me to pay her bill, I wrote back to her telling her not to concern herself about my health, as I had (since I saw her) had an NHS diagnosis, and I was booked in for treatment ...and I added that, if she wanted to further discuss her bill, I would have been very glad to discuss it with the General Medical Council or in court!

So... I do not have infinite confidence in GPs - but, after the correct diagnosis, the GP was helpful.

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Hi I'm sorry you've ha to go through that health problems are a big issue in mental health my mams back problem has dragged her down and not been able to walk as she did well 82 soon once a very active fit d I y enthusiast extremely fun person. I have been offerred antidepressants a few times in my life I took the other option of councelling waiste if time I get there she says what brings you to councelling I say how do I live with rats she said you can't, my point is drugs can't help you if it's not a brain problem but a problem outside this which if doesn't go won't solve yes under certain circumstances drugs can help but I feel I'd rather use other methods I do have tendency to self medicate via veno but realise makes things worst and foccus on that and my liver but in extreme anxiety all good intentions fly out the window, I've moved back I to that house now even tho rats gone due to broken drain,boring story you probably know about I can't remember who I've said what to half the time my dad had stroke mam heart attack then I he died then I had breast cancer scare leg cancer solved,friend brain tumour scare long wait in investigation,lost the house I was waiting for 8 yes for due to mine not selling, but all in what 2 years now I've lost my job but I'm taking it in my stride money's not a problem I'm lucky I can make my house look different it's near my mam n park and that's my main foccus so although upset last night I only drank 2 glasses wine waterred down with hot water as I can't have cold as my head pain issue that pain gets me down like toothach so I avoid people and annoyances at that time sorry for babble hope you have a peaceful day xx

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I sympathise...

I am trapped in a large old house I cannot sell - I have not seen any rodents for a while.

My late wife died of cancer - my twin brother has cancer.

My father got depressed and tried to kill himself - he was never well again - and took years to die.

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Oh heck that's arful it seems to come in a bunch of bad stuff my dad took 2 years to die in a home in out hospital falling all time they used to ring me up middle night go to hospital with him I only went a few times as was looking after man after her heart attack she went mad and spoke to them on phone my phone's nearly flat so must charge it xx

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This is me at the moment. Feeling defeated and a failure in many ways.

Hi it looks ok now in draw it's just hard to know that I need all that stuff and have it and even may not use it lol how are you I'm still in dressing gown grey sky again xx

Were terrible my dad had stuff from our family home vintage lol sold some still got some the thing when I throw stuff out you need it 2 weeks later even tho not used for ten years same with clothes I got a leather jacket wore in my 2os it's as new and wore it 2 xmass ago for pub my friend said she was jealous as it's vintage and real leather she has a fake one l 😁😁

I have a Mac flasher type of my dad's he wasn't one that I'm aware of lol I sold a leather 2o pound think dad's brothers the man went home in it so fussy he was it's nice to have someone get a bargain and the thing living on I got about 8oo pound for dad's old bikes and I'm keeping a table with them thin legs that go out there reproduction furntcture now I'll paint the legs it will go in my kitchen I'm making it into a sun room moving kitchen units and having wall knocked down I'd like to do it but don't know about lintels need builder just have to wait for him I'll keep the units just get new doors the house will look totally different and I'll feel I've moved house lol, I wore one of mams dresses a tight ISH dress black with big flowers when I was in my 2os lol I've got about 5 fur jackets fake I still have a rabbit one don't wear it 😊

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thankyou so much.x

I had a fake fur scarfe too hot sent it to charity shop lol I have a nice black one I wore in my 2os too posh tho need a posh doo lol getting dressed in bit then best go out 😊

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Nice, me too I hate getting dressed if I’m not going anywhere but better make an effort lol

Have a lovely day, the weather is beautiful here today 🌞 but still nippy

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You too still grey 😊that's from bedroom window got loads work to do clearing up the lake is to the right not doing anything today can't be botherred too cold I'm looking forward to Morrisons cafe take out fish n chips lol xx

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Thinking of you secrets.

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MidoriVisually impaired

My memory has become terrible since lockdown last year. I can walk through a door and completely forget what I went in that room for!

I can go to a shop and walk out with everything except what I went in for!

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You are not alone,i do this all the time,and dont mention losing keys.

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to secrets22

I don't lose my keys; I have them on a carabiner attached to my jeans belt loop! When I got out my purse is on another chain again attached to belt loop! Nobody gets to snatch my purse!

I've been experiencing all of the above.I noticed that pretty early on. I've compared " notes" with friends and family locally and in other places.

It's a new ( IMO) challenge for everyone, especially people with " issues" financial, mental/ emotional, social, physical and etc.

You/ we are not alone.

We are literally being forced to think not only outside the box but outside of our " normal " routines.

Yes, the restrictions are though, there's uncertainty about what is next and lots of questions that have n easy answers.

Unfortunately the media and politicians are not helping. Splitting the nation along ideology, faith and politics, instead of putting that nonsense aside, and pulling together as one..

It's important to take stock in ourselves our community and help one another.

This forum is a great resource.

Use it wisely and share with others what you learn or have reinforced here.

You are not alone.

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