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Ability to give thanks to those who listen

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Dear All

I hope you are all keeping well .

I would to thank the many who listened to me and supported me given the painful experience with the neighbour .

Also the issue lies with the fact she reminds me of my Fathers other woman who came to destroy my Father and ruin us financially

I now realise this is why I was so disturbed as I had to care and protect my Fathers personal and business estate by myself

Since he has gone I am trying to pass the remaining exams and find a job but given the COVID situation I feel like a Prisoner

Also I am realising that emotionally I am unable to give the relentless emotional support my Mother needs

I think the third lock down will make those prone to mental health anxiety worse and this will be the next pandemic

I have emailed the Housing Association but no reply as I think I am being considered a nuisance but I will continue to try

I look at the Vice President with so much envy but this is her destiny and her luck

All I would like is for us all who are trying to break free from their life limiting circumstances to be given one chance and one opportunity

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Hello Roukaya yes it's horrible for so many of us right now I feel I'm stuck too as you know my house situation and now all this rain I will be going on the kitchen roof today otherwise the cielings going to come through I need to stop the rain somehow as my floor had a puddle again, all you can do is keep praying and hoping and soon you will have the vaccine can you not sell the house your in, put it up for sale give your Tennant notice,they have to abide by there notice, as for your mother if your chats with her upset them now have s break as you seem.at breaking point you said you have a councellor you can ring the Samaritans they advice on all issues including your house situation xx

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Good Morning I hope you are well

It is too easy to feel overwhelmed and I hope you are able to sort your home out and find the right home

I am a believer that you will find what is right for you concerning the a home which gives you peace and tranquillity

I have realised at the age of 51 that my Mother is emotionally very demanding but she is able to live an independent life free from the limitations of COVID

The flat I own tenanted for a fixed term two year contract , this was a condition of the Tenancy and for this reason I am unable to give her notice

I realise as with my parents , you can do your best for them but is is never appreciated nor valued

I hope your home can withstand the rain and you can find a buyer which will allow you to move on

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I have took it off the market until spring I'm have a room done hopefully in the loft and sort the ceiling out when that comes down there will be a nightmare before my very eyes and I had one last night the ceiling still had rat droppings in it, there's a light on the ceiling too which will cause problems my builder said it's a bad pitched roof it's this new weather we get endless heavy rain and a few people say same there roofs can't take it, I nearly fell downstairs here at mam's other day as my cat cought my foot so we have to be so careful of him too my mam struggles with the stairs now she very infependant and I worry about leaving her on her own but we both need our own space ive been on hold with my house situation over 2 years but it's passed quick when you get vaccine you can go swimming and do more and the exercise will lift your mood, xx

Also as for the vise presedent you mean the new elected president he has had a very traumatic life lost some children and I don't know all the details but my mam was telling me he has had lot of losses you can look it up, it's not a good life the job they do there under constant scrutiny and critism and it's hard running a country especially now, we need to think ourselfes lucky were not in the depths of flooding like some are life is often unfair we have to find strength somehow you've got through this so far and it's nearly over as far as lockdown and vaccine xx

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Very kind words I used to be a spiritual person and our life lessons are prescribed before we are born

We all have unique destinies and to be able to follow through our aims despite the challenges we face

I hope you can resolve your home and find a home right for you

As explained I am unable to sell the rented flat until the tenancy ends so I will try to cope with living here

But above all take care with the current COVID situation given the statistics of the current situation

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Yes I believe in fate and that our life's our mapped out somewhat but also in free will and that we do have choices we just have to be patient at Buddhism class the other year Buddah said I am been tought patience, I've kinda accepted it and as nothing much I can do other than wait and make changes to help my house sell, my mam gets vaccine tomorro if I stay here she will be limiting herself again so I am going to have to try and go home as I may get the virus off her if she carries it she wants to see her family I had a cry early hours and as something else upset me to and a few of my friends on here have been crying this week it's all got to us we try to jolly ourselves out of it by escaping in our childish ways of fun and it's got out hand now so that's the end of that I'll walk in park today in mud and try and see the squirells seems it's all I have right now to take my mind of things I am crying now xx

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Last week I was crying over job hunting as I felt it wasn't fair over having to wait and also over having very little to look forward to as well as at present booking a holiday is like playing Russian roulette with will it get cancelled or not so we decided not to bother for now.

Perhaps another time when things are more settled we might see about booking something but we decided now isn't the right time and concentrate on the limited things that are available to us and make the best of them instead.

How's pixie getting on? Don't tell him we had salmon for breakfast this morning!

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Hi again I just tried to you on andrews😊funny you should say salmon I had red tin salmon sandwhices and chips yesterday for tea he had some and juice and for supper he also had some of his Nana's sardine I paid 2pound for the salmon pixie had the skin and bit of salmon I don't have it regular but think it's good for me and I got 22 meals out of the tin so pound a meal I might as well spend my money on salmon and treats as my appearance to cheer me up I won't be going on holliday I won't be buying another house for ages, my teeth need doing I've a big chip and I want new glasses modern ones and I may get them veneers on I may as well spend on myself I no children to leave anything to I keep having small wins on premium bonds last 2month I won 75pound it's worth buying some with your Holliday money and you can look forward every month to maby a win me and mam win nearly every month xx

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Morning curly, I think Roukaya is talking about the new Vice President , Kamala Harris, the first woman to hold such a post , Joe Biden is the new President, he lost his first wife and daughter in a car crash, and one of his sons died not so long ago with a brain tumour, so yes he’s seen a lot of heartache, very sad.

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Hi yeu I didn't understand just that yesterday we were watching the new one I'm not really interested in all that I'm just watching news about floods our PM on what a stressful job they have as if havnt enough to try sort out with the pandaneic I don't know where all the money will come from to do more flood defences and plant trees what a world, I have to be careful what I say as my post got out hand and it's gone now, at least it cheered hiba up just charging phone, it's all a mess really i dernt post anything I guess it's the state of things sent us a bit mad COVId crazy I call it we keep thinking were going to get banned so keeping quiet how are you xx

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I’m OK , we’ve had awful floods here in Wales too, thankfully not near us. We live up on a hill so the water drains away, it’s terrible with everything else going on too, no wonder everyone is down , we’ve just got to try and keep on, what’s the alternative , hope you are ok , what post got out of hand?

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I heard about those up in north Wales near wrexham they are flooded quite badly.

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Last night's you saw it all think someone reported me as someone saved my post not heard of her before and she never clicked like there were reports on the post all stuff you saw xx

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NO,! I’ve only just come on here now, the post about the cactus pants , has it been removed now?

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Yes It was blocked so I went back to remove it and it had gone I'm not in trouble it's all sorted but I don't see how I can post now or how we know how far to go if it was that woman I don't know who reported some of the comments I'll PM you xx

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The reason I came back on as hadnt wanted to be on as was upset before and came on as got PM off one of my friends saying misses mad Mandy so I thought I'd come on doing fun posts to make us all laugh but it's all as Maria's said it's all a mess I'm on a free date date site think I'll start going on there I can't really be bothered with that either now, and all that with hiba my post cheered her up she was still really anxious xx

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Oh dear, I ve sent you a PM😘

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I sent you one can't see yours hang on xx

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Did you hear that the Astra Zenica vaccine is produced in the Wrexham area? The authorities are trying to protect the factory from flooding.

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Good morning I hope you are well

Thank you for your understanding

I realise Joe Biden the President deserves his great success given his pain and suffering

I am a great believer in destiny snd Kamala Harris was chosen as his running mate because she had worked alongside Joe Bidens son as an Attorney

She is why she was chosen amongst all the other candidates

It is an incredible destiny but also as I explained to my Mother U.K. has the highest mortality rate of COVID and the incident of Tuesday made me realise that I ought to move when I can

When I see the great successes of others so often wonder when the door will open for me but each of us has our turn in life

I remember when Modi became the PM of India the astrologer explained that his star and moon are shaped in such a way that his star was shining at the time of the electing him

This is a way makes me understand that our destinies are written out but to a certain extent we must always strive despite the hurdles we face

I have asked to speak to the tenants housing officer and request that she never knocks on my door again and I have also reported the fact that she should have never threatened to call the police on me

At least by putting this on her record , it can build a case against her

I hope you are keeping well

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Hi, Roukaya, I think Kamala Harris had more going for her than just working with the Bidens, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she became the first woman President of the USA, wouldn’t that be wonderful. Unfortunately we can’t all reach those dizzy heights.

When I was young I wanted to be an air line pilot, as you can imagine in the 50’s this was greeted with much laughter, yet today it would be perfectly possible if I worked hard enough., sometimes things don’t work out as we would wish but we have to make the best of whatever comes our way, take care

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As I say we have to make the best of our life’s circumstances I also believe it is destiny as she was chosen amongst 12 other female black senators

It is a combination of everything and the fact she worked with the son of Joe Biden they enabled her to be selected

I believe in destiny and being at the right time and place

In my case just to pass the exams and find a years work experience to requalify is the best I can hope to attain

But in all of this our health is very important given the COVID pandemic

Without health we cannot do anything

I get times myself when I feel like a prisoner in my own home so its not just you.

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Me too

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Me three xx

Hi Roukaya, I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of people who have managed to take this third English lockdown in their stride (and for all, anywhere, who have endured similar restricted lives). I think that you are right when you say that for some there will be lasting scars on mental health, but I do also think that it means those of us who are able to remain strong and stoic should help others through in the pandemic's aftermath, and not make ourselves into a self fulfilling prophesy, just because we've been persuaded that it's going to be the 'norm' to be damaged. Throughout history human beings have been through devastating events whether on the scale of the pandemic, smaller or even larger. And becomes part of not only our collective experience but our own life's story.

One person I often call to mind with regard to mental strength is Charlie Dimmock of TV gardening fame in UK. She lost both her parents in the Asian tsunami of 2004 and yet she's managed to not only carry on with her life but to flourish, just like the gardens she so energetically creates.

So I try to model myself on a similar spirit to hers.

We can't all be Charlie, but we can try to remember that despite everything, and with or without our permission, life will carry on, now and when this awful thing is over.

I hope you are feeling much better about that unfortunate incident now. Your housing association is probably stretched at the moment, with some of its workers being at home and an increased workload. I'm sure they will be happy to investigate soon. It would be better to get it amicably sorted out if you possibly can! Take care Roukaya, and have a good day!

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Good morning I hope you are well

Thank you for your reply

I am very amazed that Charlie Dimmock of Gardening fame lost both of her parents to the Tsunami.

But stills she is not a victim and continues with her life and is not married

Incredible her fortitude and strength not to wallow in self pity

I have contacted the Housing Association and asked to speak to to the Tenants Housing Officer

I will simply explain what had happened and for the tenant to never knock on my door again

I have tried talking to my Mum and she knows and can understand

I think parts of my past are triggered as my Father was involved with one of his tenants and the tenant of my Father tried to ruin us all

I tried to salvage what I could hence I bought this housing association flat but the confrontation of the neighbour was a reminder of my Father’s other woman and the necessity for me to move away in two years which is a long time and also to be very careful in the COVID situation

I hope you keep well and this site is invaluable for those who live alone

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Ref to Charlie dimmo k her love of nature and gardenning has got her through as it has me through this with my park and in bad times I renovated 2 houses with arful gardens needed a complete make over I ended up with a bad back from over doing it I would work in the rain doing my design I miss this and pray one day I'll have this passhion again in my new house god willing right now I'm lucky to sit here not flooded as I just read a post of someone in a flood nightmare xx

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It puts things into perspective doesn't it when things like flooding happen to others.

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Yes just going home to check my kitchen floor houses are s nightmare these days xx

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