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12 January 2021 what's anyone done today

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Walked up to my local shops, not many people around compared to a couple of weeks ago, surprised at how mild it was compared to how cold it's been recently. Reading group this afternoon, otherwise just pottered around a bit SSAW 😂😊🤣🌈

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Had a really rough night so got up quite late.

Took our rescue dog for a walk but she wasn't impressed as I didn't let her off the lead to play with her ball today. Everything has unfrosted and our local small park is a sea of mud. I had to wash all her legs and undercarriage yesterday and all her towels, harness etc had to go into the wash so she wasn't allowed free rein today. This means that she has an excess of energy so all her toys have been coming out, lol.

I've done the Tesco order for tomorrow we have it delivered. I've also been doing catching up with all those little jobs that we always mean to do. Husband isn't too good this afternoon so have been doing my Florence Nightingale act. I've got to think about what I can have for tea now instead of what was planned and the brain fog has descended so I reckon it is a soup and bread night but have some nice homemade mushroom soup in the freezer so something nourishing to look forward to.x

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Goodness, you've had quite a day, hope things improve and you enjoy your mushroom soup sending love and hugs

On the fourth day of my endo flare up. So not much right now as the pain is fully there.

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Hope you start to feel better soon, love and hugs coming to you

Still working on my wood floors. Had to go out and get polish. That’s the last step for this room. 2 more to go! It’s gray and cold out today.

I posted about bubble and squeak the other day, my nose is picking up the smells now🙂

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9 mile walk, future learn, watched vanilla sky on DVD, listened to music.

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It has been a lot milder today than of late.

I roasted some peanuts to make peanut butter, I also went to my local shop, did Callenetics and weights. Then we had lunch, I made raw bars and brownies and then I phoned a good friend who lives on her own and recently lost her dad. She was sounding good xx

I've been doing something which you have excelled at, and turfed out more cupboards. This time my craft drawers which inevitably end up in a gargantuan muddle every few months. (I blame the fact that my mind's artistic, not orderly🤣). It does make you feel better when everything has its own place and space again! But to be honest I'd much rather be making a mess than clearing one up!😊

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