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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Needing a pick me up this morning

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What is the best thing that has happened to you this year? It's been rough for everyone with so many negatives, but maybe there is something positive you can think of?

This year I realized that one thing that I can control is being a better me. I have been eating better and cooking more! Very proud of myself :)

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slower pace of life for one thing

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Love your positive outlook 😊. I would say getting back to my meditation practice 🙏

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This community. It’s got it all really. From quotes, quizzes, to sharing difficult times, to jokes and banter. Getting to know each other. So here’s to on line friends 😊💕

Hi florapeace, One of the things that has been a real positive for me is having been involved with PWB which was repurposed especially to help us through the pandemic. And through it I've met some really lovely people who have definitely helped me to get through. And in return I hope I've helped out with that a little bit! 😊

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Getting out of a toxic relationship with a cheating’s been 41 days since the breakup. I’m really having a difficult time but i dodged a bullet 😅 I wanted to marry him!

Actions speak louder than words

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MidoriVisually impaired

Moved house and country, finally getting used to it being home, even though I can't get out much!

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I have been to 4 virtual funerals, and 2 in person funerals since this pandemic started :( , but .I am grateful for the 200 plus loved ones who are still here on this earthly journey that I can still communicate with, by phone, text, email, and , or zoom, while continuing to self isolate :) I know it is not the same, but I have learned to hug myself, when I am missing hugging my loved ones :| . I also remember the times, and the great feeling I felt when I did hug, and kiss my loved ones in the past :) . This does put a smile on my face. I always remember that things could be worse, but that things will get better. :) I am thanking GOD for the many blessings seen, and unseen.:) . Happy Holidays :)

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