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Pick the odd one out.

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Nine photos. Which is the odd one out? Simple innit!

PS I might make this a weekly regular. All comments welcome!

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Photo A.

Bang on! All others were taken from my bedroom window m Top left is a winter shot from Hanko, on the Finnish coast, a seaside I'm very familiar with.

Well it looks as though it should be top left, but I'm wondering if it's bottom middle.

Well your instincts are right. All photos taken from my bedroom window except top left. My brother had suggested I had taken top left from a space shuttle, but no, it's an icy scene from Hanko on the south cost of Finland. I liked the cloud formations and enjoyed putting them all into this montage!

Definately top left, it looks like an ice field, but the others are sky shots.... I think!

Yep. Top left is an icy scene from Finland but I thought it looked interesting placed next to the others from my bedroom window!

The first one? All others of sky, that one could be waves.

Absolutely spot on. It's a beach scene, this February in Hanko Finland. I'm fascinated by the ice sculptures. I attach the full picture.

When the picture is enlarged, with the sun just below the top of the ice, it gives it a kind of gemstone sparkle effect.

Wow..! Thanks for that...

That one was easy to spot Greenthorn but the pics make a wonderful collage. Yes, great idea to set us some more posers!

I've put another one up. Should get a few chuckles.

Obviously top left, the odd one. Stunning capture! Looking forward for more photos😊🌈

I've posted another. Be my guest.

Everyone has got em right, it would be pointless but plz bring more of these🙏love puzzles

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Yeah, I thought the combination of these photos made for peaceful kind of spacy outdoor scene. (I wish it was a stained glass window in a church or cathedral, I'd happily state at it through a church service ha ha.)Yes I will try and put another 9 together but you mind find them a bit quirky so that there MAY be more than one 'right' answer!

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So there's a new one for you!

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