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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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My new found respect for getting up

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Hi all,

I hope you're all staying well and as positive as you can.

I've been getting up at 7:30 and going for a morning run most days (well, for the last two days.. but I'm proud of my self nonetheless), and I've been feeling so much better for it!

Today, however, I gave in to that morning feel of wanting to stay wrapped up in the duvet and I didn't get up. And now its 10:30am, I'm still in bed, working from my laptop and I feel awful about it!

I never really appreciated how great a bit of exercise, fresh air, and getting ready for the day can be as I always had to do it to go into work. Now it's not a necessity, I'm really seeing the value in it.

Funny how these changes can help you to value the things you never thought you would before.


Photo is from, photographed by Saif Selim, of a place I'd really like to go.

17 Replies
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I couldn't agree more - exercise is so vital for staying positive in this strange and scary time.

Thank you for saying that, you've made me feel much less guilty. I think you're right as we will all have off days, and it's just as important to make sure you do what feels right to look after yourself on those days as well as your more upbeat ones.

I will definitely make the most. Enjoy your day too :)

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At times like this it does make you take stock of life. Hopefully once this is over we will go about our daily business but with a different attitude to life. There are some wonderful people out there and they are certainly shining now.

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MaddieHUHealthUnlocked in reply to Patsy164

I couldn't agree more! Times of difficulty really show the best of humanity :) the silver linings.

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That saying has never been more appropriate!

You are absolutely right - tomorrow I will get back too it. :) Hope your day is going well Hidden

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Hi MaddieHU, I also began a new routine 4 days ago,. I am trying to get out of my apartment by 8am. It's not easy but I feel better when I am able to do it. I am in Boston, Massachusetts. Where are you? Thanks!

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MaddieHUHealthUnlocked in reply to pepper53-_

Hi pepper53-_ , Thats great! I bet it's a lot more quiet than going out at lunch time too.

Wow Boston - whats the weather like for you at the moment? I'm in Leeds, in the north of England and it's beautiful and sunny (for once)! I hope it stays like this :)

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Hi Maddie,

I have joined this group recently and this post is perfect for me today! I was feeling guilty this morning for sleeping till just past 10am because I had wanted to be up early and go for a walk.

But then I decided to let it go and just turned on some relaxing morning music, made a coffee and started breakfast. I read your post and felt like I'm not the only one who feels like this, so thank you for sharing!

I have also realized how much I appreciate the simplest of things, a walk, fresh air, sunshine. I still do yoga in my place, I have found its made me feel so much better. The body craves movement!

Sending a hello from Canada, near Toronto 🇨🇦 on this partly sunny day 🌞.

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MaddieHUHealthUnlocked in reply to Luci22

Hi Luci22 and welcome to this community! It's lovely to have you here and especially good to know that we are in it together having a chilled day :)

It is great to have the opportunity to appreciate those things. As many others have said, I'm sure we'll come out of this as more appreciative people!

Waving to you from across the pond in England 👋

I was up by 9 this morning and hadn't wanted to have gone for my daily exercise ration but decided I would make an effort to go and I did and returned home proud of myself.

I have days when the lure of the couch threaten to get the better of me as well!

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MaddieHUHealthUnlocked in reply to

The lure is so tempting!! I'm proud of you for getting out there and resisting 💪I bet you feel fab now

in reply to MaddieHU

Yes I felt loads better after I had made the effort to go out!

This afternoon I have got on with a future learn course about museums and learning which I am enjoying so far as its interesting!

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MaddieHUHealthUnlocked in reply to

Nice! Making use of online courses is such a good idea now we all have the free time we never had before.

Good luck with it - let us know how you get on :)

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Dear MaddieHU,

I know exactly what you mean, from an Entirely different perspective.

Years ago, long before I was ill, I used to commute, across London- quite a distance actually- starting at 6am. I lived, about a, fifteen minute walk from High Barnet Underground Station. From there, having 'changed' at Tottenham Court Road, I carried on to North Acton. I then had another Seven, or eight, minute walk to work. A long Journey that took, on average, one, and three quarter hours. At the time I used to find, the journey- in places- boring, especially the, above ground 'Stretch', from East Finchley to High Barnet. Now I look at Video Clips, of this - that others have recorded- with a 'Sense Of Loss'....My Life, before I was ill- when I owned my own home- before my Vasculitis. Sometimes I want to 'Shed A Tear', for what I've 'Lost', other times I'm just Happy to be ALIVE!

I think, that it is, the 'Routine' that we 'Miss', psychologically as well as physically.

Keep strong MaddieHU, indeed everyone- Especially at the moment.


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Healthy habits are so so important. On the one hand we are quarantined and on the other hand, if you do nothing, diseases will be happy to enter a suppressed immune system. I wonder how many people developed other problems because they had to stay home, not socialize and have a despondent immune system.

Great job meditating of happy, calming thoughts, dreams or whatever enters your mind. I like your outlook for getting up, getting ready, getting fresh air and starting your day positively. No one said self-motivation is easy, but nothing worth having is easy. In Oregon, home of Nike, we say "Just Do It."

We are sending our son to Florida for highschool graduation because he is at a fun adventurous age. He resourcefully found a N95 mask and will do it safely. Plus we have my in-laws there he is staying with. 1 in 1.25 million kids under 25 die from this. Like he tells me "Its for old people" Seeing his face light up with hope and fun ahead for his summer is rewarding. Maybe I need to be planning that trip. I do ask my husband waiting for a transplant "What is your dream trip post transplant"? All I've gotten out of him so far is Aruba. That's good enough for me!

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Yes, and today live like it's a gift, the present!

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Hi..I get up at 5am everyday..its my time for contemplation

One late morning won't do any harm.

I never understood the concept of staying in bed late. I love to get up early and make the most of it, there are so many things to do.

Have a great day and stay safe 🌈

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