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I don't know what is going on

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Hi folks, I have various issues health wise which I don't need to bore you with but anxiety and chronic depression is one thing which pops up as an underlying problem. I had both bad for years but then it eased to the point were I could come off my medication.

It has been a long time since I've been on medication but I was on a beta blocker which also helped the anxiety last March to July. I am on nothing now but I have seen the signs again and I feel quite bad.

If I do something one day I am completely wiped out for a couple of days afterwards and then the cycle begins again.

I am replaying small stuff over and over in my chatty monkey brain, the same thing over and over. I am very frustrated and fatigued and having very odd sleeping patterns, up all night and sleep all day. I can't be bothered sometimes to do anything or attending to self care. I am constantly worrying about everything and feeling down. I feel as if I am dragging my body around with me. I can't concentrate very well. I am not eating as I should and have become dehydrated a few times lately. I seriously feel sometimes out of control even though I appear to be. I take things too personally and consequently I feel anxious and nervous and can't cope with noise outside. I am feeling somewhat down now and its all on top of me.

I have told my doctors several times but they just ignore me. I don't know what to do next and you can't get to see one anymore only fill in a form and they might phone you. I am not good on the phone. I tend to get anxious and irritated. I can't describe things very well.

Am I going round the bend or is there something I can do.



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Hi Banditqueen,

So sorry to hear you are feeling so bleak. I think this is a hard time in which to feel happiness anyway, and I also think that lots of people with long term clinical depression will recognise a lot of what you are saying .

Doctors often don’t explain well enough that depression can be a long term condition, and just like any illness that has no real cure, it has to be managed; with care and medical attention. But it can come back.

You say that doctors don’t listen but that’s often an impression you get because they only have a limited number of things to try to help you.

I bet you’ve tried a lot of them already and talking therapies etc.

And they don’t work forever because it’s only management and not cure.

I’d say persist with your doctors and therapists in pursuit of feeling better some of the time. But accept that you will have ups and downs

Don’t delay now. Get back in touch with a medical professional again and say that you have started to struggle. But don’t expect too much. Just some help.

I hope a way can be found to get you to a better place as quickly as possible. But it’s really important to tackle this now and not wait until you are feeling even more desperate.

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Hi Banditqueen, can you right down what you want to say before you ring the doctor, then just read it off so you don't miss anything. Is there anyone who can be with you when you phone to give you support and maybe take over the phone call if you are having difficulty, an advocate. Your anxiety and depression needs treating. If you had a broken leg, it would be treated immediately. When you are suffering like this, it also needs immediate attention from your GP. Ring for an emergency appointment so the GP can start to help you. 👍😊

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Hi ,is there other doctors you can ask too see in the surgery you really need to be listened too

Can you see if there is any advocates in your area to go to docs with you they are good as well

You really need some input at this time and maybe medication as well

And your sleep needs seeing too as well

phone docs again as an energency appointment as bobbybob says do try do this if you can

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Ok this might sound daft, but when you go in these bathroom look at yourself and say out loud how beautiful and amazing you are. Put the radio on and sing out very loud with it. If you find this too much sit in a chair and watch clouds, when I was very ill I did this it helped.

Remember in this whole wide world there is only one of you, you are unique and very special good luck

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Hi Banditqueen! Have you used the Calm app. I’ve found it to be helpful in learning techniques to deal with negative thoughts. You have to learn to break the cycle

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I am in the same position as you are and am really struggling at the moment. I started on antidepressants again 3 yrs ago after 12 yrs without and am pleased that I did as it took the edge off things. There is help out there - I self-referred to a local mental health charity who provide a lot of support - they are doing zoom coffee mornings, quiz group, mindfulness, book group and other things, including different courses. Look up mental health services where you live - again most are self-referral. MIND is also a source of help.

I hope you can get to speak to a GP and emphasise how bad things are - I fill in the online form and ask to speak to the GP I trust (most of them are pretty good) and who knows my history. I always get a call back - usually same day or day after.

This present lock down is a nightmare for those of us with mental health issues. Hope you can get somewhere. xx

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Hi everyone. I just did an E consultation with the GP and emphasis on medication not some talk therapy I have to wait six months for.

I have checked out of Twitter as well as a lot of moaning minnies about literally nothing.

This forum is very good because its real and the people here are going through many difficulties and I can sometimes help or get help. I mean its not oh dear no football for five days, its real stuff. I had to tell someone the other day they can live without the pub for a few weeks. I know that sounds harsh but its true. We are lucky here, 11 miles of parks. We have a river front and many other places to walk. Its just I am too tired to appreciate them.

I am disappointed not to see a doctor face to face but hopefully she will have something to say.

To be honest I can see me getting propranolol on line again as I will be ignored again.

Thanks for the information and support below. I will look into a mental health service as Talk are not seeing anyone. I can usually find someone. Cheers.

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Up date. Had a consultation with a new GP, who sounded young and yummy, oh dear. He just listened, it was really good. I told him what had worked before and he was concerned to get me sleeping first and then help with anxiety. He has put me on sleeping pills for a few weeks and something for anxiety. He wants me to have a hormone balance test and thyroid and I have referred to Talk in Liverpool. My new smart phone has decided I don't need a call from a doctor or clinic and blocked the call. I had to switch the setting off three times before it obeyed. Honestly great for Internet and camera, rubbish as an actual phone for calling. 5000 ways not to answer a call set unbeknownst to the user. Naughty phone. 😂 Anyway he got through and it was a good consultation. I am still not sleeping but I feel a bit better. I have a calm music app. It sounds O. K. Anyway will update next week. 👍🍰🌹😎

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