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A little poetic inspiration

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I'd like to share a poem with you today. It's one that helped me long ago when I was at a really bad point in life, and I've kept it and read it once in a while for many years now. I've just shared it on another community for someone who is also going through a bad patch. While typing it in, I suddenly realised that it was quite relevant to what many of us are struggling with in this covid-19 pandemic, which really boils down to changes we are finding unpleasant and difficult to adapt to.


Sometimes it seems like the world is crumbling around us, and we can't go on.

But those are the times when we most need to look to the future, to hold on to our faith and hope, and to each other.

One of the hardest things to accept is the realization that things that make no sense to us now may never make any sense, but life will go on anyway - with no explanations or apologies, and that we somehow survive the changes thrust upon us.

We even manage to grow...

But nothing grows without rain, so when it begins to pour, let it flow,

And when the storm has passed, let it go.

Be kind to yourself; ask for what you need. You are not alone.

-KerryMcCaskill- (from the book 'Life Can Be Hard Sometimes... but It's Going to Be Okay)

Photo: (Abigail Keenan Unsplash)

Have a good Friday everyone.

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This poem was lovely and very meaningful Callendersgal it is a good poem to reflect upon. Thanks for sharing it. 🌸😊👍

Gorgeous photo, Callendersgal! Thanks, too, for sharing the thought provoking poem.

As anxiety grows with the looming U.S. elections, I find the phase: "life will go on anyway-with no explanations or apologies..." particularly helpful as I've been reminding myself frequently that our nation has endured and survived other very disruptive periods and we will survive this one as well.

Funny thing FlowerPreciousLover, those are the very same few words I read over and over again and used to urge me on when I was going through a crisis. 👍

Oh, I am glad to hear that! I hesitated to respond as I did because fearing it would come across as being very negative, while, in fact, it had the opposite affect on me.

I must admit, it really is a lovely poem. The whole world is suffering at the moment and words like these give us hope. Thanks for sharing them.

Thank you Callendersgal, I really appreciate you sharing such a lovely and timely poem.

Good to reflect on.


What a beautiful poem Sue and it really does resonate, particularly at this time so thank you so much for sharing. As for the photo, I'd love to see a sky like that, it's beautiful.🌈👍😊

Lovely poem Callendersgal and thank you for sharing with us x

Soooo lovely

lovely poem thanks for sharing :) xx

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