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Could someone set up a 20th century country somewhere?

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None of those websites, broadband, i-phones, mobile phones, computers, etc?

A place where people could talk to others face to face. A bank where you could take out and leave in money. People who you actually remember, personalities. Not silly little 'people' "Whats your broadband, your bank code number, your smart phone number, your mobile number [which they seem to think will bring higher security] ? You can't remember, "Next please!" Your dentist who was amalgamated to NHS. I fractured my skull three years ago, they x-rayed my skull, I mentioned this to my GP, who knew nothing about the x-rays'?

Those carefree days when you could actually speak to your Dr, Optician or Dentist in the street and have a decent conversation, nowadays they run off like a scared rabbit?

Plumbers, glaziers, electricians you know you could trust, they could do a good job and they were PROUD of it?

Now the amount of junk mail, plastic covering, suspicious phone calls, junkies, shall I go on?

TV you could relax and see some good programs, now it's all violence, sex, and more violence, what TV says now, you listen [whether you like it or not] TV runs the country! If your not up with the latest technological whim, your not up to scratch, as they said in the good old days of the sixties "Your not Cool!" What more money can we get out of you, technology forget about it, as soon as it is invented some wee worm somewhere has already found a way of getting around it and make [surprise surprise?] more money!

Any privacy or security forget about it!

They wonder why there is more dementia in this world, the older generation is being ignored, if you cant remember your mobile phone number, your stupid! Surely someone could bring back the old 20th century values and systems, you never know by this even bring down the pandemic figures?


What about 20th century Isle of Wight, 20th century Isle of Man, 20th century Rathlin Island, 20th century Anglesey?

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If only, as someone born in 1948, I remember the good old days👍😃

We used to have four banks in our small town, we have one left, they are not taking new customers as full up, so have to travel 10 miles to our nearest bank,

can’t get a Dr app for love nor money, never mind a blood test, it was much better when you could go to your Drs surgery and sit and wait to see them , it may take 2 hours sometimes but you were guaranteed an appointment that day not in two weeks time if you are lucky

It’s called progress, LOL

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Progress be blowed!

Cheers, Midori

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Oh, I agree. Here’s an example.

Went on line yesterday to tax my car. Paying with MasterCard. I got the usual redirecting to your bank for verification. Then, not authorised, please contact your bank. I was somewhat confused, but rang my bank.

I had to give my mobile phone number to receive a one time code.

This made me think, what about those people who haven’t got a mobile phone? I couldn’t just pop to the nearest post office, that doesn’t tax cars and the one in the next town, where you could tax your car is now a cafe!

Thank goodness I was expecting a call. Goodness knows where my phone would have been hiding. Nine times out of ten it is out of charge.

I understand the security reasons for this......but...

Maybe someone should set up a twentieth century resort. I could have a nice holiday, nip into the bank, go to the post office for some stamps and tax my car.

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I dont have a mobile phone, not that I could hear it, if I did.

I dont like watching movies where peole use mobile phones, swear every other word...... I like watching movies where they were either X or U in the Uk..... I wonder, when we eventually get out of the EU, if we will get Yds instead of Mtrs... Ibs instead of kilos.... Miles instead of Kilometres..... if only!

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Yes the old feet and inches, pounds shillings and pence... those were the days!

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Or nip down to the local for a pint or half pint! 1974 two and a half pints and still have change out of a pound note! AHH!

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OOPS! 1970 not 1974 decimalisation! I'm getting too old?

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I bought a mobile phone three months ago, just to keep the sisters quiet, I might use it as security for a certain bank, but I have not told this certain bank. But a particular antivirus for my laptop found that I had a mobile via payments I pay monthly to a certain supermarket, and keep asking me to load down my mobile number for greater security? In three months I have had six calls on the 'thing' [I think I am being told my battery is low now?] That is greater security????

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Didn't mind the old dumb phones, but Smart phones drive me nuts!

Cheers, Midori

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Wouldn't it be great without Skype and zoom

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and Sky, BT, and Strictly come Dancing?

Funnily enough Adlon57, I watched, by coincidence, a video of pictures of families enjoying summer holidays in the 1950's on YouTube yesterday. It very much conjured up my own early life having been born in 1948. I shed a tear or two for the past, in fact, but was moved to comment that not everything about the 1950s was idyllic. I find that it really is true about rose tinted glasses, when we look back. But over-ridingly I felt I'd rather be back then when life was much simpler and we seemed to care for each other more.

I don't know about the other locations you mention, but whenever I pop over to the Isle of Wight, which I do fairly frequently as it's a short hydrofoil ride away from me, it still feels as though it's back in the 20th century. I don't mean that in a derogatory way. There's just a bit less of the current urgency and rush to life that there is on the mainland. 😊

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Yes one of my favourite places Rathlin Island, north coast of Northern Ireland, I'm a historian' even the two times I've been there nice wee pub, even a bit of an expert now on some of the history of the place, and the peace of the place, luvely!

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Lovely Adlin57, I went to Rathlin Island once some years ago, and I'm glad to hear it's still the case that it's so quiet and peaceful! I have to say there are still a few places, Ireland-wide that I'd like to escape to! 😃

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That's why I've moved to Wales! Modern enough for my son, but slow enough for me!

Cheers, Midori

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That was in 1997, but reported now to be one of the only places without coronavirus!

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