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What A Happy Birthday Surprise A Day Ahead!

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After being an active poster here for many months, my access to Health Unlocked stopped many weeks ago and I could not find a way to reactivate my membership. Pretty sure my membership/access wasn't locked or deleted because of something I might have posted or responded so imagine my delight to find Health Unlocked back in my inbox this morning!!

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) almost a year ago to the day and with almost no help nor instruction from my 1st visit with the nephrologist, I began a frantic online search for help in learning how to better manage my diagnosis.

Luckily, I discovered and joined H.U. and was so incredibly grateful to hear from others, many of whom, were coping well with far more serious and longstanding kidney conditions.

Living alone with Precious kitty who rules this roost, I self-quarantined in early March, not only because of my "senior" status but also because of asthma and chronic bronchitis.

My only daughter and family moved from Evanston, IL to Boulder, CO last August. I am so grateful that I flew to visit them in their new home last September, never dreaming that it would be another year plus before being with them again. We talk weekly by phone and do frequent family Zoom times.

While social interactions are important to me, the need for alone time is also a necessity so I think adjusting to Covid-19 restrictions has perhaps been easier for me than many I know well.

Flower gardening became my passion upon retirement and along with being an avid reader, has made isolation so much easier.

I am so hoping that my "reinstatement" with H.U. continues and am wishing all continued safety and good health during these most trying times.

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Our ginger tabby baby is a very spoilt girl and she rules the roost here as well.

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Hi, Catgirl 1976, When asked at the vets for the name of my new little addition to be spayed or neutered, I laughed and said, if a boy, guess we'll go with Tuxie,if male, because the baby was mostly black with a white slippers and a polka dot on nose. If a female? First name that came was Precious. When vet office called later, I was told "Precious is ready to go home." I'm sure that she adopted me because of a good report from our orange, Yosimite Sam, who I'd rescued from a neighbor's yard when he weighed 1lb 3oz. She and Yosimite remained best friends until his death, 2 yrs ago. What a joy our 4 leggers bring to our lives!

I'm really glad you are once again able to post here FPL although it's strange that it happened and you are not the first I have read say the same thing. There's no need to feel alone now so welcome back. xx

Thank you, Springcross for your kind response. It really is a gift to be back!

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I wonder do you use Apple! I found all my HU was going into the junk box and then after another update out it came again.

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Hi, Hylda, Thank you but no, I don't use Apple. Firefox is the internet provider and the HU were not going into the Spam files. It was very perplexing but another poster suggested that it might have been what I decided too; that with too many, the service just stops posting. What is even more strange to me is that a HU post reappeared almost magically the other day! Not complaining at all and happy to be reconnected.