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Hi people from Health Unlocked will know me as HissingSid as my username because of my tinnitus. I am aged 71 and on here looking for inspiration on what to do during this virus lockdown period. Usually I am out and about on sunny days like today walking around my local area. Walking is my only exercise, and I am constantly viewing my health app which repeatedly says "you are walking less steps now than last week/month." Of course this is because I am sending more time indoors lately and mainly on my laptop. Easter weekend starts tomorrow and I usually get a visit from my daughter and granddaughter. This has now been put off for a few weeks while the lockdown period continues. My morale is normally strong but waining lately during this period of sunshine. I aim to get out in the garden for an hour or so each day. I do watch TV at night but it is during long daylight hours that I struggle to maintain my time. Any suggestions will be welcome. Thank you!

17 Replies
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Getting an amateur radio license is always a good thing to do. If, of course, that holds an interest for you. You can study outside, maybe as you walk around the garden. Just don’t trip while you are reading the study material.

I don’t know about an app that tells you something you don’t want to hear. I would have to delete it.

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HissingSid in reply to daveh121

Thanks for your reply daveh121. I like to follow my Health app as I can update it with various stats like my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The number of steps walked daily gave me targets to set and beat if possible but lately due to lockdown my averages daily/weekly:monthly/annually have been falling rapidly. I may look into this idea of amateur radio though it’s not something I’ve thought about before.

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Yes, the health apps are good for a lot of things.

My brothers and I have had our radio licenses for many years now, as does my wife and two sons. I guess it runs in the family. I do enjoy speaking with people throughout the world, as well as locally.

There are plenty of resources on line that help out.

If nothing else it might be a small distraction for awhile.

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HissingSid in reply to daveh121

Well I’ll definitely look into amateur radio as a past time. I can easily google for info on that topic and take it from there. Thanks! 😊

Hi there and welcome to the forum, glad to have you onboard.

I do find deep breathing helps to relax and helps through this difficult period. I normally see my daughters and granddaughters every week and my son-in-law when he's not working but of course I cannot. I have been getting out every day walking and it's been keeping me sane but I'm going to admit I'm fortunate in that I live by the sea so have a lot of countryside around me.

What I am finding it helping a lot is stopping to talk to people in my local area from a distance, it really does make you feel good, are you able to do that?

Also, are you able to share a cup of tea/coffee with your neighbours over the garden wall and have a chat?

Also, maybe do some crosswords/drawing. My eldest daughter who has Bipolar relaxes herself by colouring in the adult colouring books. She's a key worker so I'm glad that she's not totally on her own as she has no children or a partner.

I really hope you find something that does help you.

We are all here to support each other.

Take care

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Hi crazyfitness thanks for your reply. I usually can go out walking for several miles and be out all afternoon when weather is fine. I live near River Forth so I can walk to either North or South Queensferry on a good day. However this lockdown limits exercise walks to an hour so I’ve not been far over the last 2-3 weeks. I often get the bus to Edinburgh so I do a lot of walking while there too but again restrictions on bus timetables and limited times outdoors put paid to that. I play games on my laptop and use my iPhone to keep in contact with family and friends via social media apps too. Just a pity I’m wasting many a sunny day just now.

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I understand how you feel, there are a lot of restrictions and if people abide by the rules, most are, then the restrictions will be lifted sooner. I've just seen a news article though which I'm saddened by and angry with people who have been driving their caravans down to the West Country. What's the matter with people.

Anyway, back to the question in hand, try and enjoy your shorter walks as much as you can and see if you are able to meet people from a distance in your neighbourhood.

Stay safe

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Yes I’ve heard reports of caravans travelling down towards Devon and Cornwall. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest but I hope they get turned back. No doubt the caravans will be stacked with food and booze so if turned around then they will seek another spot to settle in. Do they think it’s a game? Yes I’ll try and get out for walks I can do in an hour each day over the weekend. I’ll need to shop on Friday at my local Co-op supermarket on Friday though to top me up. Cheers!

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I hope they not only get turned back but fined as well as enough is enough, we've all been informed plenty of times what we should and should not do and it's common sense. I totally agree that they are more than likely stacked with plenty of booze and food. They don't seem to get it that people are dying.

I'm glad you've got the hour each day and I do love it when I'm out and about to see people talking to each other across the street, from the gardens etc.

Look after yourself, it'll be over before we know it and well done to you by following the advice.

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Same to you and good luck. Thanks! 😊

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Thank you, we're here for each other😊

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I really find crosswords fantastic. Even when I was experiencing a bad low some years back they kept me going. My problem is I don't do them often enough now, it's motivation thing. Finding it equally hard to stay motivated for my online course. "The literature of the English Country House".

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They are very good but I totally agree it's staying motivated that's hard. I like doing them but end up not doing them as I'm usually out power walking,on the computer and cooking.

That does sounds like a very good online course. Best of luck with it.

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I'm finding the same drop in steps walked which is difficult to deal with. For me, the best way to cope has been to break my day up into little chunks. Each day I decide what my 'project' for the next day will be. These projects are small, simple activities such as tidying a cupboard or weeding one tiny piece of my little garden.

When I was a full time teacher I used to plan tiny, achievable steps for each child's progress. Now I'm trying to do the same for myself.

How about picking up a pencil and trying to sketch something small: a leaf, a stone, a flower or anything that you can find, perhaps in a small notebook? I've been looking back through my photos and using a few of those as inspiration to draw and paint from. It doesn't matter what your finished picture looks like....after all no one is going to see it but you unless you want to share your efforts on here!

Good luck, stay home and stay positive.

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HissingSid in reply to Billy61

I like the idea of planning my day in little bits and hopefully achieving most of them. Just need to stop myself from being distracted my meaningless actions as I can do something on a whim of a moment. Drawing isn’t one of my specialties but I could also give it a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. Thanks Billy61. 😀

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You tube has loads of exercise videos to suit any level of fitness, sitting, standing. NHS do their own videos, there is qigong, taichi, yoga anything you can think of.

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HissingSid in reply to Bkin

Thank you Bkin I’ll bear that in mind although I’m not a YouTube viewer at best of times. I do try to exercise a bit at home but not often enough I guess. Maybe I can find a suitable exercise to start with on a simple routine and take it from there

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