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Questions, or Riddles, you Choose


Dear All,

Just a bit of Fun, since I'm Still 'up' at 1:30am......

How far can you 'walk into' a wood?

If a Vicar, or Priest, immerses you in Holy Water what are you?

If you pack your bags and 'Walk Ten Miles A Day', in a month what are you? (there are Two possible answers, to this question.... you only have to 'find' one, of them, though.)

Two Fathers and Two Sons go to the Cinema, however only three tickets are bought, how come? (no-one 'sneaks in' either)

John & Tom are off to the Airport, to meet their 'long lost' Brother. Even though niether has seen 'Brian', there whole lives, they know exactly what he will look like... how come?

Why was the Teacher upset (no it wasn't anything to 'do' with Covid.

Finally a joke.... A man goes to the Doctor, with a large 'Strawberry Patch', on his forehead. "Don't worry" says the Doctor.... wait for this...."I have some Cream, for that"😀😁😋🙄😛.

Thinking Caps one everyone.


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Two fathers and two sons.... son, dad and granddad!

Imersed in water by vicar or priest..... drowning!

Pack your bag and walk ten miles a day..... a long way from home!

John and Tom go to airport to meet long lost brother....... they are triplets!

Thats all I could answer? 🤨

AndrewT in reply to Veteran250

Well done😀....only, the priest dosen't 'drown' anybody. I'll give it, a couple of days, and then 'post' the answers.

Thanks for playing along Veteran250.


Total immersion for baptism is specific to some branch of Christianity - but you would be wet!

You did not specify that the walking was all in the same direction - so you you'd be at home - and fitter?

AndrewT in reply to S11m

'Wet' is the answer and YES, you could be Back Home or completely Lost....

Thank you, for being, a 'sport' and taking par S11m.



You can walk Half Way INTO, a wood, after that you are Walking OUT again.

Wet is the anwer. (Not 'Drowned' Veteran250... Immersed not Restrained.)

He is either Back Home, or a Long Way From Home.

A Grandfather, Father and Son.... the Father is Both.

The Long Lost Brother, is a Triplet.

The Teacher was upset... Because (s)he was having Trouble With The Pupils.

Thank to everyone, who took part, I'll 'Post' another one soon.


Grandfather father and son

Three tickets

They are triplets

Priest wets the child’s head

Didn’t get why teacher was upset ?

AndrewT in reply to happyinlove

Because (s)he was having 'Trouble' with her PUPILS!

A Little Boy, says to his Teacher "Miss would you 'Punish' me, for Something I Hadn't Done?" "No, of course not Jonny" replied the Teacher. "Good" says Jonny "because I HAVEN'T 'done' my Homework!"


happyinlove in reply to AndrewT

Cunning Jonny !

Thank you for explaining

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