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Should I return to work yet

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Could someone give me some advice /opinion please.

I am shielding due to COPD. Boris has said that we can go back to work in August if place of work covid secure.

As I work in a nursing home it is impossible to social distance etc in my job.

Should I go back and risk it, or stay off work for longer?

Thank you.


16 Replies
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Having COPD put's you in the higher risk band. If your place of work is not covid secure, it would not be wise for you to put yourself at risk. 😊🌻

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Julietteann in reply to bobbybobb

I thought maybe that would be the case.

Thanks Bobbybobb ☺

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Julietteann

It would also be wise to discuss returning to work with your GP before you do so. The virus attacks the lungs, so you are more vulnerable. So when you finally decide the time is right, check with the medics first. 👍🌸

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Julietteann in reply to bobbybobb

Good idea....Thanks Bobbybobb 🌸🌼

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Good morning Juliette..... given what has been reported in the news about nursing/care homes, if I were you, I would be reluctant to return to work.

Having COPD, you have to look after number one! YOU!

Only you can decide when you feel safe returning to work, in spite of what I, or others tell you here!

I wish you good luck.... take care and stay safe..... have a nice weekend!


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Julietteann in reply to Veteran250

Good morning Veteran.

Thank you for your reply which I agree with and is good advise.

Perhaps me doubting what to do is proof I am not ready and don't feel safe.

Thank you.

Have a lovely and peaceful weekend.


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Veteran250 in reply to Julietteann

Juliette my lovely, you will find this community very friendly and supportive, its like chatting with old friends sometimes..... just take in all of the advice you are given, but only you can decide! 😀🌈🌹

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Julietteann in reply to Veteran250

Thank you, that's lovely.

I will do 🌼🌸

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I personally would stay at home longer if you can. COVID cases in CA were initially due to people in nursing home's. I admire your profession. My Dad was in one. He's deceased and passed away in one.

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Julietteann in reply to Klove22

Thank you Klove.

I love and miss my job, but won't be any good to anyone if I catch it will.

Yes you're right. .....maybe until the figures drop some more.

I hope your Dad was well looked after.

My view is if you don't feel ready in yourself to go back to work then stay off a bit longer.

You will know in yourself when you are good and ready to go back!

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Julietteann in reply to

That's true Catgirl...And the fact I am worried about going back and feeling unsafe is probably telling me I'm not ready yet.


That sounds quite risky to me Julietteann. There will always be individual cases which don't fit the general rule, and I'd say yours is one of them. It's really difficult because as things stand we don't really know what 'safe' is, and it could be quite some time before a return to work is possible for you. There could be all sorts of implications around pay and benefits, so I'd say to work closely with your employer on the topic of a safe return.

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Julietteann in reply to

Thank you Callendersgal. That's true, and also there aren't really any clear guidelines for someone in my position.

My manager isn't the most understanding of people but i think in these circumstances she will have to be.

I really want to get back out there, but like everyone has said, nursing homes are not the safest places at the moment.

Thanks for your advice 🌸😊

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I agree with Bobbybob that you should consult GP before deciding. best wishes x

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Julietteann in reply to PatsyIpswich

Thank you Patsy....I will do 🌸🌼

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