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Day 3 Highlight of the Day! FEMA training online

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For some time I've been wanting to take the free Federal Emergency Management training online. I just finished (and passed) the first introductory course today. Much more to go, but I see some value in it and it feels good to have the certificate for the first class! More to go (Name blocked on photo image for security.)

7 Replies
Dalia74 profile image

Well done! Congrats 🥂

Well done, don’t think we get the same thing in UK

Well done Wallowa! Never mind if there's more to do. Even the longest journey starts with the first step and you have a certificate now to prove that you've taken it. And what a really useful thing for the community that there are trained volunteers who are ready, and better, able to help out in a crisis. 🙏

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Well done Wallowa. I'm sure you will do well with the rest of it too. x

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Congratulations, well done on your achievement. 👏👏

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Good job. Have you looked into the emergency communications aspect of your endeavor? Such as an Amateur radio license?

Check out ARRL on the Internet.

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MidoriVisually impaired

That's great! Wish we had such a thing in UK. (they did try to introduce it, but I don't know what happened to it)

Cheers Midori

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