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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation
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Proud of myself!!,happy wend πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

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Well I have stood up to my mother today again for first time in ages I was polite and calm but told her what for she has since not criticized for afew hours at least welcome break!!!!πŸ€—

A nice walk into town,to heron to buy ice creams walls solero fruit with ice-cream two packs for three quid what's not to love!!?

Hope everyones enjoying some sun have a lovely weekend xxx

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Good for you πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ xxxxβ€οΈπŸ€—πŸŒˆπŸ’œ

catgirl1976Reading Rabbits

They're great value aren't they heron foods?

Last year I stood up to my mother when she criticised me about changing jobs and I gave her what for as well and this was may last year this happened and I ended up being punished for not giving her her own way by receiving the silent treatment since may last year which is pathetic really but now I feel its an accidental favour as I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of not listening to that nonsense!

Good for you. Your emotional and mental support is really important. Especially in a quarantine where people don't even realize how critical or hurtful they are. On top of that, you took the step to do what is good for you. A nice walk and ICE CREAM THERAPY!

I would like to say well done from one daughter who at 50 is still treated as a five year old

It has taken you courage and bravery to stand up to someone who may is very used to getting her own way

Not easy as you live in the same home and I wonder if your Mum had a solero as well

Takes courage to take a stand

Well done

Needs to be done sometimes!! So good for you and sounds like great tonic after! Yeh so lovely to have a beautiful sunny day again 😎 x

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, hopefully now your mum will be a bit more appreciative of everything you do, ice cream as a treat sounds good

Well done you.

One of my family is incredibly spiteful,and occasionally I do the same as you in a very quiet manner.

I used to feel if the sun fell out of the sky they would pin the blame on me.

Life is too short ,too precious and too beautiful to allow toxic folk to undermine what a unique and special person each of us are.

Stay safe ,well and happy

catgirl1976Reading Rabbits in reply to ninelives

The other week I was on about some of my family members who are spiteful for the enjoyment of it and how it's their problem not mine but still it's hurtful!

Some of the things they were spiteful over if they hadn't happened to me would have been funny as they were so ridiculous like me being weird for having gone out on day trips which was childish!

Thing is its nothing to do with the petty things in themselves there's something else going on and one friend said how what was really going on was bad temper on their part because I wont bow down to them and give them their way and the trivial things was how this manifested like when I was shouted at many years ago when I was 19 just because I had said that I was thinking about leaving a university course to have trained as a nurse after I was interested in it as at the time I had worked in a nursing home which I had enjoyed and I had been absolutely devastated by this incident!

Looking back it wasn't about the nursing in itself that had brought on the attack no what I feel it was was that they felt I should stick with that course and that was the end of it all for the simple fact that they said so and wanted it and me saying I was interested in nursing had brought on that attack because there was a chance that I wouldn't do what they had wanted!

Selfish pigs!

Bless you catgirl.

You are not responsible for their behaviour it takes time and true grit to get over stuff like that.

Children are only lent to us to love ,cherish ,guide and let go to spread their wings and be supported in their decisions.

Have a lovely Sunday

catgirl1976Reading Rabbits in reply to ninelives

I find that the passage of time helps with most problems.

That happened back in 1996 when I was 19 so it's a good few years ago but as time goes by you see who it is who has the problem and it's one of the benefits of maturity!

Thats the thing parents don't own children and last year I was on the receiving end of an attack about staying at my previous job and I had fought back as well and had ended up getting punished by them not speaking to me but as time has passed by I feel they accidentally did me a favour as I'm enjoying the peace and quiet from all that silly nonsense!

One thing I won't do is give in to them as you don't give into toddlers when they throw fits but toddlers don't know any better but that from mature adults I feel is calculated and stupid and childish just to bully and one friend of mine had said that's the behaviour of spoilt children!

It infuriates me beyond belief though when they claim I'm too sensitive when I call them out on the attacks and deny them but as my ex says where there's no sense there's no feeling which is very true!

I'm well aware I'm not responsible for that kind of behaviour and that it's their choice in how they behave!

Ah good for you. Sounds like she might need a little calm reminder from you every now and then x


Well done Picklepickle, It's hard to find that balance between making yourself feel bad and standing up for yourself. I'm glad you found the courage to speak calmly but firmly to her, and it's had a really positive result! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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