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Feeling a little tired and adjusting to life in this current climate

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I hope you are are well

Since Monday I have been feeling quite tired and drained and I wonder if it due to the change of life or the loneliness and solitude .

My Mother would come every year and spend Christmas but due to the current climate has decided to postpone her trip

Also I spoke to one of my Aunties who is known to be cruel a result of my Mums insistence and said implied that I live like an Orphan

I find her remarks so cruel snd painful that I would rather spend Christmas on my own if I am unable to visit Mum this year

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12 Replies
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MidoriVisually impaired

You can definitely do without that auntie!

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Please disregard negativity from people who are just so downright unhappy and want to spread doom and gloom!!😊

You can offer to help out providing Christmas 🎄 meals for the homeless, help at the local church or hospital maybe?

You have made great progress and you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel my chick 🐥😊

I’m hoping that you can send us a few jokes, and make us all have a laugh 😂 together 💕✔️🌈🥳🎄🤔

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Roukaya in reply to Sunfloweronline

Good Afternoon

I hope you are well

Thanks for reply

You have been me some good ideas as to how to help out at Christmas

I have put on so much weight due to help out to eat out

There are time’s I have a sense of humour and sometimes it is in Lock Down

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Hi Roukaya, I think there will be many unable to make their destinations this year because of Covid. It has disrupted so many things. Your aunties wreckless comments, pay no credence to them. You will meet with your mum as soon as it is possible. Covid won’t change the spirit of Xmas, there is still communication and the exchanging of gifts and good will, hopefully. I am lucky because I do have family around but even alone you must find time to encompass those moments that are special to you. You can still plan those special treats for yourself or do something special to create a worthwhile moment and memory. 😊👍🌸

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good Afternoon

I hope you are well

Thank you for your reply

I will wait for the results at the end of October and decide if I can visit in December or try to go in the New Year

My Mum would come every year but due to Covid many will be separated from their family

If I am required to spend Christmas alone , I may go on a Coach trip in order to spend Christmas away for a few days and spend Christmas that way

I think you are so right in the sense we need to make the best of our circumstances

Thank you

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Hi we always go away for Xmas. normally as it’s just the two of us, but not this year , we’ve decided to have this year off , it’ll be strange having to cook Xmas dinner lol.

don’t be afraid to go away for Xmas , many hotels do special Xmas breaks that lay everything on from the time you get there Xmas eve until you leave Boxing Day, you will be spoilt rotten and possible make new friends at the same time , I could send you some hotels that we’ve been to by PM if you like 👍

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Good evening

I hope you are well

I am finding the loneliness hard to accept at times because Mum would come and visit every year for Christmas

Due to the risks of Covid, she will not be travelling for now

At the end of October I will know whether I will be here for Christmas and if so I am thinking of spending a few days at a Hotel for Christmas

I would be pleased if you could give me details of the hotels which host Christmas as this is something I am interested to do

How are you ?

I have not heard from you for a while

I see on the news Wales is subjected to a local lockdown

How have you been affected?

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Hi Roukaya, I've not been on a lot as I had a really bad flare up of my Fybromyalgia , i was in Bed for nearly a week, feeling a bit better this week and went food shopping yesterday, we can't go outside the County line at the moment , hopefully we won't go into full lock down.

Have a look at Esther Ranzten Silver Live , they can connect older people who are lonely to other who will chat with them on the phone, or write letters, e mails I wouldn't mind doing that too.

Where would you like to go for Xmas, a lot of hotels do Xmas breaks , we go to Devon a lot, but that's a bit far for you, also the Cotswolds , is that too far for you , I know you like North Wales, lots of hotels there do Xmas, I'll send you a PM

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If you are lonely find out if you can get in contact with other lonely people. Find out if there are any charities near you. I call people to help them, because they need support and are lonely or depressed. I find helping other people helps me I enjoy meeting new people via the phone. I hope you feel better in yourself soon, do not listen to people who make you feel horrid.

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Yes I’m sure the local hospital/hospice would be glad of help over Xmas , there are so many elderly people who live on their own who would be glad of company, it’s difficult at this time but I think visitors would be ok in the circumstances

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Roukaya in reply to san_ray70

Good evening

I hope you are well

It would be a very good idea to find about organisations who are there to befriend the elderly and the lonely especially over the Christmas period ?

Could you possibly suggest a few organisations who I could contact please ?

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san_ray70 in reply to Roukaya

At the moment visiting is not a good idea, but you can call people, look on line for charities near you.

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