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Another painting. Not an animal this time.

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Hi everyone, hope you are all well and enjoying the weather as best you can.

Thought I would have a go at something other than animals for this painting so chose one of our favourite destinations to go to in our homemade camper pre covid 19. I expect you can guess where it is.

I hope that when this awful disease finally goes, we can all revisit some of our favourite places and no doubt will appreciate them all the more.

Stay safe everyone.

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Reminds me of the white cliffs of Dover

The painting is do real, it is hard to believe that it is actually a painting

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nicholson27 in reply to Roukaya

You’re close. It is a bit further along the south coast of England. It’s a view of the needles on the Isle of Wight.

I love this and the fact that we are looking down at the sea, great job 👍🏻👍🏻

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Thanks very much.

I really like this one. It's unusual. Have you been doing it longs.

I decided to have a go at painting a couple of years ago when I first got out of hospital to take my mind off the Wegeners and all it’s unpleasant treatments. As the disease came under control I drifted off into other things but then came lockdown and the need to find stay at home things to do so I dug out the paints and brushes again and I’m having another go.

Glad you like it.

I do. I used to paint many years ago and I'm always interested in others art work. I just need a push to get started. I get that urge when I see paintings like yours. I love landscapes. What medium is this latest one of yours?

I use acrylic paint on watercolour paper. My first couple of attempts at painting were done with some 10 year + old acrylic paints I found under the stairs left over from one of the kids school projects. These did for a while but I recently bit the bullet and ordered a set of artists paints and brushes etc online.

It included some watercolours which I haven’t tried yet but as I use a fair bit of water with acrylics I might get on with them. Think I will give them a try for my next painting.

I’m pleased my picture has given you the urge to get painting and hope to maybe see a post from you with a painting one of these days.

I'm in the process of clearing the office room upstairs. When its done I think it will be ideal now to make a start. It will be interesting to see where your painting leads you now. I wonder if you will do more like this one or try something different?


Not sure what to do next. Being an animal lover I do like to paint them but I might try another landscape or possibly have a go at a seascape. Unless they are a complete disaster I will post them as I go for anyone interested.

Good luck with setting up your office / studio.

Cheers for now!


This is absolutely fantastic. I love it!! I've never been any good at painting hence why I do digital paint by numbers instead 😉. Take care and stay safe Lynne

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Thank you. I have seen some of your digital pictures recently and they are very good with all the bright colours. Very striking.

Look after yourself too.

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Thank you for your kind words. You are very talented. Lynne

That’s so good. I tried to paint cliffs last week but I couldn’t get it to look like if was going back it looked liked it was going up to meet the sky 😂 I suppose it’s all about practice!

Yes I guess you’re right, practice is the thing. I had plenty of times when I was on the verge of launching the painting towards the nearest bin but often if you just walk away and start again the next day things go better.

Good luck with the painting.

Thank you for the tip 😀

I really like that nicholson. I love the way you show the flow of the waves. It really is good. x

Thank you very much

That's not the only reason I like it but I thought it gave it a look of authenticity - if that makes sense!

Thanks. I found painting the sea from a distance was difficult as if you do too many waves it looks odd but none and it is just a blue surface so I’m glad you like what I ended up doing.

I certainly do. Thanks for sharing it. xx

Ah, the Needles on the IOW I think? You've captured them so well! Like you I am longing to return to the IOW and so many places relatively local to me, which I previously enjoyed so much! 🌈

It is indeed the needles. We love the island for short breaks in the campervan. Lovely place and very nice people. Can’t wait to get back there once safe to do so.

I love the island too nicholson27. Luckily it's really local for me and we Red Jet on the hydrofoil across from Southampton whenever we are longing for a simpler way of life, even if just for the day! 👍

You are very lucky. We have a bit further to travel from south east edge of London although not too bad. Bit of a rat race where we live so lovely go there for the slower pace of life. Plus the dog loves Sandown beach.

Let’s hope we can all get back to happier times soon.

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