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Another painting. Spot the rabbit

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It seems i can only add one photo at a time so here is anotber painting i have done. Spot the rabbit.

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It's brilliant painting 🎨 well done x

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Very pretty and the colors are so delicate. 😊😊

Wow beautiful. Is that watercolours?

yes loose watercolours. I like that style. Sometimes doesn't quite turn out as planned but that is the fun of it.

I started using watercolours two days ago. I'm not t all artistic but giving it a go. Things can only get better as they say and I am enjoying it. Yours looking so professional you must have a natural talent? I would love to see more of your work.

no i dont think i have a natural taleny but i do enjoy it.

You have your own very distinct style which is beautifully delicate. 🌹

Oh that's one cute rabbit ilovedancing. Would love to see some more of your work, whether you post pictures one by one, or decide to do as Jerry suggested and make a collage. If you aren't sure how there are apps out there which will help you to do that really easily.

How beautiful is that 💖

spotted him/her, or is Spot his name?

thank you for all your kind comments. I forgot about doing a collage. i will remember next time.

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