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Seaside painting of an Irish summers day!

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Just reading the post from Agoodenough about being inspired to do a painting by a photo of the sea. It reminded me that I was similarly inspired a month or so ago having found an old photo taken on a stormy summers day on the North Antrim coast in Northern Ireland and so I painted this picture. Hope you like it. Keep safe and well everyone.

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That is so atmospheric, I love it. You must be very talented to create a picture like that. The blend of colours are amazing. Moody skies are my very favorite along with choppy sea's. 😊🌸

Thank you. I don’t remember it being a very nice day to be outside but it made for a striking picture.

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to nicholson27

Yes, often I will go down to the beach on a stormy day just too see scenes like this, they are magical and you have captured it. The beach might be empty but the force of nature is certainly worth capturing. 👍😊

Wow this is amazing!

I know the North Antrim coast, I'm up there often.

Great post😀👍

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Thanks. The photo the picture is based on was taken when we were staying at Cushendall. It is a lovely part of the world. The coast road up from Larne is a beautiful scenic route. We live near London but visit my wife’s family in Belfast as often as we can and like to take the campervan up the coast. Hopefully will be able to do so again soon.

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I was in Cushendall about 4 weeks ago and went further up around the coast as far as Portrush. It is definitely a stunning area, I hope you manage to make it back.

It’s beautiful you have captured the waves perfectly 🙌🏼👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Wow! What a photo and how beautifully you've painted the scene from it. A fabulous stormy sky and sea. It's really not easy to capture the sea realistically, but you've smashed it! And I remember the North Antrim coast well, from having lived in Antrim for two years, a long, long time ago. In fact I remember the entire Antrim coast as being really beautiful. Thanks for sharing that with us. It's lovely.

Thank you. It is a beautiful area. My wife comes from Belfast so her childhood memories are of camping trips with her family around this area. The weather can be a bit wild though as in the picture but as long as you don’t go there expecting a tan you won’t be disappointed!

That's a really good painting, so moody. Clever you xx

Thank you very much

Wow, that is very effective, very well done.

Thank you

Nothing much left for me to say as the other members have said it all. I can only say I, also liked the painting very much. You have captured the power of the sea and that amaxing sky. Quite remarkable. What media did you use and how long (approx) did you take to paint it.


Thank you. This is my first try with oil paint paint as I normally use acrylics. Took about 3 hours or so but another couple of weeks to dry. The white seemed to stay wet forever. I suppose that’s the downside of oils but the upside is they blend very well.

Yes, you are right about the blending with oils. It is an advantage sometimes, as you can play around and experiment. You have to bevwuivk and confident using acrylics.

Have you been painting long? I ask as your painting suggests it I not a new hobby.


I found that the only way I could make blending with acrylics work was to do it with my finger tips. A bit messy and as you say you have to be quick but it seemed to work. Might be considered cheating but some would argue that there are no rules in art.

Other than attempting a couple of Bob Ross tutorials a couple of years ago (which is why I had a few oil paints hanging about), I have only really started dabbling with painting since the lockdown started. I found a few old acrylics under the stairs from one of the kids school art projects and decided to try painting the dog. A picture of him I should say!

As that turned out fairly well I posted it on the forum and was encouraged by the kind comments to try a few more pictures of which this is one.

You have have found a lovely new way of using your time. Isn't it surprising how some good things can come from bad (Covid 19). You may not have thought about trying out those paints before then, now you are finding pleasure in your new hobby.

Keep going and I look forward to seeing the next painting. Will it be another seascape or maybe a landscape, possibly a still life. The world is your oyster, as they say.



That’s so beautiful and atmospheric, amazing👍

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Thank you

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

You've really captured the way waves look on a windy beach and the dramatic sky. Perfect.

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Thank you very much

Beautiful ❤

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