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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Tuesday 5th May 2020

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Good morning everyone,

The wind is really blustery this morning, shaking the boughs and leaves of the two trees right outside my apartment window.

It’s early in the season, so the leaves cling tenaciously to the branches, weathering the storm.Just as we are all doing at the moment! When a strong wind of change blows through our lives we do try to cling on to what we know and love and want to protect.

Of course there are many things we want and need to protect and keep, but sometimes it’s better to let some things go. The winds of change can be welcome, pushing us to a better world.

What will we choose to let go when the storm of the coronavirus crisis has passed? Here’s an old Chinese proverb I’ve chosen as my quotation for today.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, and others build windmills”

Every time I see footage of animals reclaiming parts of the world once the domain of the human species only, I know what change I’d love to see. It's time to learn to better share the spaces we occupy on planet earth.

I hope everyone has a really good day today. 🙏

10 Replies
Lynd profile image

Very windy here too. Last week the wind made a carpet of blossom from the trees. I left the bedroom window open and many blossoms had blown in. Quite nice really.

Veteran250 profile image
Veteran250 in reply to Lynd

I would build Windmills, been no strong wind here in the Garden of England for some time! 😀👍🌈

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Patsy10 in reply to Lynd

It's very windy here today so the blossom can sit for a while or I shall be chasing my tail!

Agoodenough profile image

I like that quote. It’s blustery here today. A good day to get washing dry!

I really do hope lessons aren’t learnt from this virus and people do have more respect for animals as for as eating them, exploiting them and encroaching on their habitats 🙂

Helpatlast profile image

Goodness I love your quotation and thoughts re the trees!! We do try and cling on to all that is "normal" and familiar to us - as you say for the important things that needs to be so - but for the day to day smaller things - I am shielding relied on food delivered from shops never usually go to or food don't usually buy - and actually really enjoyed it all!! Rediscovered baking and growing in the garden, reconnecting with old friends that the usual ratrace pace doesn't allow for - I think all the people you love and love you showing and voicing the love, which so often we don't in "normal" life - so yes there are changes we can benefit from!! I heard some words few weeks back that I typed up as it helped me and is how I am trying to focus on a day to day basis so will put it here as may be helpful to some :-

During these challenging times, stop and use the pause button. Look around you- the planet is bejewelled with daily reminders of a bigger power - take the time to look at it - pause, take a moment - see the diversity of life - stars, sunrise, a blue sky, clouds, a blossom tree, birdsong at dawn, a mighty oak, a spring flower in bud, the beauty and fun of various animals, the intricate design of the smallest of insects - it all refreshes our soul and resets us. They are all gifts - and it can help discharge anxiety and shift us to safe, enduring things - helps us see we are part of something bigger, something with wisdom, something with a purpose, in the hands of something safe 😀😀

in reply to Helpatlast

Lovely sentiments Helpatlast! 🙏🌸

bobbybobb profile image

Chinese proverbs, they are always so very wise. I would build windmills. 😊🌷🌻

Sara_2611 profile image

Have a good day

Oh so very well said Hidden , I agree with what you've said.

We are definitely going to be in a recession but won't be the only country and that is the sad thing of this. Now there are many positive points to remember and that is:

Cleaner air

More of an understanding of pollution

More respect for the animals

Enjoying our own country more

Understanding and accepting that we don't need 'things', health and happiness are the most important

Learning to become less of a throwaway society

There are more but that's for starters.

Thank you🙏

RoadRunner44 profile image

I delighted in your post today. It's just that I feel very strongly about the evidence that can be seen all over the world. I'm talking about how air quality has improved for just one example. But it is a joy seeing how animals are reclaiming their space in the world. I don't know how things will be in the future but I sincerely hope this evidence will be taken on board and countries begin to work together for the good of every living thing.

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